RENEGADES gets 96% of the way to their $60,000 KICKSTARTER goal in just THREE DAYS!!!

Renegades IndiegogoOkay, so maybe Renegades is no longer officially STAR TREK: Renegades, but we all know what it really is.  Sure, Chekov will now be referred to simply as “The Admiral” and Tuvok is now “Kovok,” the Federation is now the “Confederation,” and the comm badges are gone from the uniforms.  But it’s still a Star Trek fan film at heart, even if all the obvious and direct references to Star Trek have been surgically removed to avoid having to follow the new CBS and Paramount guidelines.

And since those guidelines no longer apply to Renegades: The Series, that means the team can continue to crowd-fund their production.  And boy, have they done that!  Renegades already took in close to $400,000 to fund their two-part “The Requiem,” which was intended to provide a final swan song for the characters of Chekov and Uhura, played by Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols.  The project was also building elaborate sets, original costumes, props, amazing prosthetic make-up, and planning for top-level visual FX with a team made up of a combination of industry professionals and non-professional fan volunteers.

Most of the principle filming has been completed, using up the majority of the money donated so far.  Now a new Renegades Indiegogo campaign will attempt to raise additional funding for post production: editing, sound, VFX, compositing green screen backgrounds behind the actors in many scenes, and creating a musical score. Their initial goal was set at $60,000 to fund post-production on part one.  But after only THREE DAYS, they’re 96% of the way there with over $57,300 from 630 backers!!!

With nearly a month remaining, Renegades will set out to reach a secondary goal of $150,000 to fund the rest of post-production on part two, and to help with the final two days of production (for both parts).

You can visit the Renegades Indiegogo campaign page to learn more and donate.  And in the meantime, check out this first teaser video for some serious goosebumps: