SMALL ACCESS founder JONATHAN LANE (me) featured on a controversial episode of the TREKZONE SPOTLIGHT!

It seems I’m kicking up quite a bit of controversy…and not just from CBS and Paramount!

If you’re curious why this interview was “controversial,” read this blog entry from yesterday .  During the 45-minute grilling, I address several hard-hitting questions about the SMALL ACCESS campaign and our letter-writing effort to try to convince CBS and Paramount to revise the fan film guidelines and make them less restrictive.

The interview also addresses the confusion and misinformation currently circulating about whether Axanar is behind the SMALL ACCESS campaign…which it is not.  While I happily support Axanar and write this fun blog on the Axanar website, I’m way too busy with FAN FILM FACTOR and SMALL ACCESS to run everything past Alec Peters, and he’s way too busy to micromanage me.  So we’re two ships in the same fleet fighting the same enemy, but Alec has his battles, and I’ve got mine.

Anyway, here’s the full interview for your viewing pleasure.  Let me know what you think…

4 thoughts on “SMALL ACCESS founder JONATHAN LANE (me) featured on a controversial episode of the TREKZONE SPOTLIGHT!”

  1. Great interview! In my opinion, I didn’t see anything adversarial. But, then I was not in the hot seat. You might want to have a shorter,more concise, introductory statement prepared, that you can rattle off, in future interviews. I thought the first answer was a bit long, but there is much background to cover.

    After that, I think you found the groove, and did just fine. Now, the comments on YouTube, that’s another matter. I did not bother with contesting with the trolls. But, it sure did generate a conversation.

    1. On the subject of trying to be more concise, there’s a great story from back during the Harry Truman administration. Apparently, President Truman, being a “man of the earth” (farmer) as he was, didn’t exactly have an erudite manner of speaking, and people weren’t always comfortable with some of the words and phrases he used. This became such a significant problem that one day, a White House press adviser met with the first lady to see if she could help. “Mrs. Truman,” he said, “perhaps you could try to convince your husband to adjust some of his word choices.” “Like what,” she asked. “Well, for example, instead of saying ‘manure,’ maybe you could suggest he use the word ‘fertilizer’ instead?” At this, Bess Truman rolled her eyes, looked up to heaven, looked back at the adviser, and replied in a completely exasperated tone: “It took me this long to get him to say ‘manure’!!!”

      In other words, that was my concise answer. 😉

      1. You have a comedic streak in you too, but I guess that goes with your profession. I just thought you could develop bullet points for explaining how you got from point A, to point B, in an interview, the host could then pick one or more to elaborate on. But, as for the Truman story LOL (-: I get it.

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