We…are BACK!!!

Thanks to the fine people at UPS, my new MacBook Pro arrived this evening at 7:00pm (one day earlier than expected)!  I installed all my old goodies from my last backup onto the new internal drive while I gave Jayden his dinner and got him ready for bed.  And after a quick dinner of my own, I got to work answering a few e-mails that I couldn’t get to while my old computer was seizing.

I am now ready to dive back into FAN FILM FACTOR…one day early!  This means that I expect to have the Alec Peters‘ interview posted on Thursday (part 1) and Friday (part 2).  And I’ll begin catching up on the now-38 comments beginning on Wednesday.  But don’t expect too much in the next 24 hours, as I’m working tomorrow (yes, I still do some freelance twice a week while Jayden’s at school).  But I definitely want to clear out this backlog of comments…and my apologies in advance if I don’t post responses to certain folks (especially the Tellarites).

It’s good to be back!  Now as I type letters on my keyboard, they actually appear on my screen without a three second delay!  I can’t begin to tell you how annoying it was NOT to have that “luxury” for a week.  Thanks for your patience, everyone.

11 thoughts on “We…are BACK!!!”

    1. I can see how the designers and engineers would think it was nifty and cool, but in practice, it’s very annoying. The way I hold my fingers over the keyboard, my pinkies occasionally graze the edges of the touch bar and activate either the ESC or the SIRI functions. Both stop the task I am working on. I deactivated SIRI, but the swipe still brings up a pop-up window asking if I want to enable SIRI. I really want that button gone completely.

      The ESC button is even more problematic. As I type these responses to all of your comments, touching the ESC erases what I’m typing completely. Comments do not auto-save while I type them. Two nights ago, I was just finishing up a pretty long and involved response when my pinky accidentally made the briefest of contacts with the ESC “button” on the touch bar. Suddenly, everything I had just typed was gone forever! I couldn’t undo or go back to retrieve it.

      Or to put it another way…

  1. So if the keyboard is upsetting you… get a new keyboard =) Get a mechanical one to preserve your wrists/tendons.

  2. Right, but there’s no law that says that you can’t just get a proper mouse, proper keyboard, proper monitor and plug them all in, then the laptop will simply stand and act as the processing equipment, like… a computer 😉 Plus you can always unplug and go mobile with it should you choose.

    But if you’re going to be typing a lot, you should get a keyboard that doesn’t punish your hands for doing so. It’s up to you to bend the machine to your will, not the other way around.

    1. There’s no law but for the law my wife imposes: thou shalt not spend our money like a drunken sailor! We’re not exactly living like the Saudi royal family in my house. This computer just cost us a family vacation, my friend.

      1. You know, you can still return it if you want. I’m only half joking. Personally, I’m willing to tolerate the “features” of the new machine, but if I had decided that I couldn’t stand it I would have gone to eBay to buy a 2015 model….

        1. Oh, I’m keeping the new laptop. But I expect a third party is going to come along at some point and “fix” the touch bar with a software-based solution. There’s just too many folks out there who seem to be complaining about it.

  3. Yes, that was the point I was making in an earlier thread… think of that sarcastic knight at the end of Indy Jones Last Crusade, you chose… and so on 😉

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