CHANCE ENCOUNTER is available for viewing!

The bar has just been raised for Star Trek fan films.  On May 2 of last year, Gary O’Brien and Paul Laight launched a Kickstarter to fund their latest short film.  Based in Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom, over the past eleven years Gary and Paul had collaborated on eight other short films.

At first, their script had nothing whatsoever to do with Star Trek.  It was, quite simply, a chance encounter between an older man and a younger woman.  Then Paul suggested adding in a science fiction element, and Gary (who would later be crowned the U.K.’s “Ultimate Trekker” and win a trip to Los Angeles to tour Paramount Studios) suggested that the idea might work well as a Star Trek story.

Their Kickstarter was surprisingly modest, asking for only £1,700 (the equivalent of only about $2,500).  They ultimately raised £1,862…including £10 me yours truly.  And although Gary put in some of his own money, you will likely be shocked that a fan film of such quality could be made for so little…especially considering that the actors were paid a modest amount (production predated the guidelines requiring no one be paid) and that two very impressive sets were constructed, props created, uniforms purchased, visual FX rendered, and original music composed.  And the entire project was completed in just half a year!

You can discover more about this project, find out about the cast and creators, and see some fun behind-the-scenes videos on their website.

Do yourself a favor.  Drop whatever you’re doing and take twenty minutes to watch this impressively crafted, deftly acted, and gently touching fan film…

7 thoughts on “CHANCE ENCOUNTER is available for viewing!”

  1. Wow – Well acted, good story (I kinda had a feeling about the ending), decent CGI. It’s right up there with Prelude. I’m very impressed.

    1. Yeah, the ending wasn’t really a surprise, but it didn’t need to be. It wasn’t that kind of a story.

      I just really loved it. Glad you did, too, Stephen.

  2. I am extremely impressed by this. Forgetting this was grandfathered in regarding the rules, when you consider this isn’t even the full 30 minutes long it really shows how fully realized a story can be even with such oppressive constraints. And considering the fraction of the maximum crowdfunding amount this raised, it’s even more impressive how far the money went. Love story episodes in CBS Star Trek tend to be my least favorite types of stories, but this one was handled with a very rare eloquence. I hope they do many more films.

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