When STAR TREK CONTINUES completed its 11-episode run of superb Trek fan films, fans of the series wondered, “What’s next?”  It seemed a shame that such a talented group of actors, writers, directors, and production crew would simply go their separate ways.  Alas, that is all too often the case in show business.  But not this time…at least, not for everyone.

Although many members of the STC team did, in fact, move on to other endeavors, a small number reunited for a special independent short film project titled WHEN THE TRAIN STOPS.  The cast included STC alumni VIC MIGNOGNA (Captain Kirk) along with veteran Trek actors JOHN “Q” DeLANCIE, REKHA SHARMA (from Star Trek: Discovery and the new Battlestar Galactica), and MICHAEL FOREST (who played Apollo both in the original series episode “Who Mourns for Adonais?” and also in the first full-length STC episode “Pilgrim of Eternity“).  STC cast member (and writer) KIPLEIGH BROWN was initially slated to appear in Train… but had to pull out at the last moment due to a family emergency.  She was replaced by Rekha Sharma.

Also boarding the Train… cast were STC alumna ÉMIE MORISETTE, who appeared in the final two-part episode of STC, along with voice-over actor DARREN JACOBS, whose vocals were part of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Dunkirk, and Papillon.  Directing Train… was STC director/writer/producer extraordinaire JAMES KERWIN, and STC‘s make-up supervisor and producer, LISA HANSELL, served as producer for Train…

An Indiegogo last November reached its $43,000 goal with just eight hours to spare, allowing the campaign to extend indefinitely as “In Demand” status.  Since then, their donation total has grown to more than $51,000…allowing them to not only film all the scenes but also to wrap up post production and release a completed film, which happened in mid-September in a special early release perk for certain donors.  The rest of the donors (like me) got to view it as a private download early this past week.  And let me tell you, it was EXCELLENT!  The 20-minute film was expertly crafted with an engaging story that provides a wonderful Twilight Zone twist at the end.  It’s definitely worthy of viewing.

So when can YOU see it?

Right now, plans call for taking Train… to a number of film festivals, so it won’t be made available for free online anytime soon.  Afterward, the plan is to seek distribution on platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.  However, for a mere $20 donation, you can become a donor and be sent a link to download a copy for yourself.  Any contributions at this point go toward marketing the film and entering it at various festivals globally.

What makes this film so rewarding to watch is a captivating and stellar performance by Michael Forest as a U.S. Marshall transporting an escaped prisoner by train.  This role will most likely be Michael’s last, as the 89-year-young actor has decided to retire.  But what a way to take his final curtain call!

When the campaign passed its first stretch goal of $50,000, they released this special video tribute to Michael, marking the ending of a six-decade career with nearly 300 roles.  It’s really worth watching if you have a moment…

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4 thoughts on “Life after STAR TREK CONTINUES – cast members REUNITE for WHEN THE TRAIN STOPS!”

  1. Vic is going to have to do a lot of makeup and do public good for me to even have half a thought of looking at anything he does. So, even if J Delance is in it I will pass and not even feel bad about it.

    Also, don’t attempt to make me feel bad for the others actors not being seen. They should know who they are throwing their lot in with, and it’s worse “IF” they know.

    1. Hmmm…not sure how to respond to this, Charles. I don’t share your opinion of Vic or STC. They all poured their hearts and souls into making one of the best Star Trek fan series ever, one that I enjoy each time I watch it over and over again.

      I also don’t know what you mean about “They should know who they are throwing their lot in with…” They’re throwing their lot in with each other, and with James Kerwin and Lisa Hansell and the writer and the production crew. What’s wrong with that?

    2. I don’t know what you mean either. Did Vic do something to hurt you personally or why all the hate? IMHO he did the best impression of Kirk that anyone besides the Holy Shat will ever do. And he seems a genuinely nice and talented person.

    3. Charles maybe you should be more specific, as is you sound like a paranoid mental case. What on earth are you talking about?

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