ARES STUDIOS launches new PATREON! (interview with ALEC PETERS, part 2)

Yesterday, I began speaking to ALEC PETERS about his new PATREON campaign for ARES STUDIOS. Officially launched last Friday evening, in less than a week, with 95 patrons as of this evening, it’s already nearly 25% of the way to its goal of generating $4,000/month in donations to help pay rent and utilities for the studio in Lawrenceville, GA.

Alec explained that Ares Studios is an entirely separate business entity from Axanar Productions, which will be producing the final two Axanar fan films. So crowd-funding through Patreon is allowed because the legal settlement with CBS and Paramount only covers the production of the two 15-minute Axanar sequel fan films.

And speaking of those two films, let’s return to our interview with Alec as he tells us why he hasn’t started filming Axanar yet (’cause we all REALLY want to know!)…

ALEC – We get one shot at making Axanar.  One.  The settlement lets us use the same actors, and to spend as much as we want on the production as long as it’s just a half hour.  But once we do that, the settlement that both constrains us and protects us is done.  So this is our one chance to get it perfect.  And that’s going to cost money…probably $150-200K.

And it’s not like we can shoot a few scenes now and more later.  We need to rent out a green screen studio and that is expensive. Renting multiple quality cameras is expensive..  Each time we shoot an actor, that’s a full day of filming.  So we can’t afford to do one scene now and others later.  It’s all at once.

Most people don’t realize that and keep asking why nothing has been filmed yet. Nothing has been filmed yet because we haven’t entered the production phase yet. And that will happen once we’ve raised funds…just like other independent films do.

Right now, we are doing what can for pre-production.  We’re designing the Klingon uniforms, casting actors, refining the scripts, creating punch-lists, working out the line-item budgets, etc.  In other words, we’re doing everything we can do to prepare for when we have money to start production.  But we are still going to need that money first.

JONATHAN – But you said you can’t crowd-fund.

ALEC – We can’t PUBLICLY crowd-fund.  And we don’t plan to.  But we can accept PRIVATE donations.  To do that, we need a way for fans and supporters to donate.  That‘s Ares Digital 3.0…which is being finished by my good friend Jerry Ablan, who worked with me from 1999-2008 as CTO of Auctionworks, which was eBay’s premier sales automation partner.  Jerry’s system was handling 10 million transactions a month at Auctionworks, so Jerry knows how to build large, scaleable systems.  Jerry has taken Ares Digital 2.0 down and is updating and upgrading it.

With Ares Digital 3.0 in place, we can do a number of things.  First, we can finally send out the perk patches for the Indiegogo campaign, and I know those have been a long time in coming.  But the patches are finally in—and they look fantastic!  So once Ares Digital 3.0 lets us update the correct mailing addresses for all of our donors and we can generate all of the thousands of mailing labels and know which patches everyone is getting, those will be sent out.

Then, Ares Digital 3.0 will allow for a place, password-protected, where existing donors can come (and new donors can sign up) to contribute privately.  So it’s NOT a public crowd-funder, it’s private donations directly from fans.

JONATHAN – It’s a fan-funder!

ALEC – Whatever you want to call it, Jonathan.

JONATHAN – But that still doesn’t explain why it was so important to finish the bridge and have Axacon.

ALEC – Enthusiasm and momentum.  Had we tried to raise private donations a year ago or even six months ago, I doubt we would have made it to $100,000.  But Axacon forced us to get that bridge set to a point where it’s nearly completed, and everyone is raving about it.  Even Carlos Pedraza couldn’t bring himself to blog about it because he and the other haters had said it would never be finished and instead it looks amazing. Also at Axacon, we filmed every panel and did nearly two dozen interviews.

JONATHAN – I remember…mostly because you made me be the interviewer for more than half of them!

Jonathan Lane (me) interviewing Gary Graham and J.G. Hertzler on the bridge of the USS Ares.

ALEC – And you did an awesome job!  Well, all of those interviews give us content for our new YouTube channel and Patreon for the next year. Plus, we’re doing Axanar production updates, donor updates, and production logs.  And each video is getting views in the tens of thousands.  An update video from December 27 has more than 103K views so far.  And we’ve got over 72,000 subscribers!

NOW we’ve got the visibility and momentum.  We’re being very methodical.  I’m sorry that it’s taking longer than some people would like, but that’s just our reality at the moment. In fact, I dare say that this is a great time to be making Axanar.  People are flocking to Axanar because it is the Star Trek that many want to see.  Discovery is very polarizing, and Axanar sits at the pole opposite Discovery.  The # 1 comment you see on YouTube for us is that fans wish that CBS had chosen to make Axanar rather than Discovery.  So we need to strike while the iron is hot.

Once Ares Digital 3.0 is up and running, which we hope is in February, we’ll let our subscribers know about it and invite them to sign up for our mailing list.  We also have our mailing list of previous donors with tens of thousands of names. We’re allowed to e-mail people privately to invite them to donate to Axanar.  We just can’t announce publicly that we’re raising money.  And I intend to abide by that requirement in the settlement.

JONATHAN – What does the settlement say specifically?

ALEC – I can’t discuss the details of the settlement because they’re confidential on both sides.  CBS and Paramount can’t discuss them either.  But just know that the settlement outlines what I can and cannot do in a very detailed way.  So I can’t publicly announce or promote the fund raiser, but I can say, “If you want to learn more about the production, please sign up for our mailing list.”  There’s nothing in the settlement that prevents me from doing that.

JONATHAN – Well, then let me ask you a question.  Maybe YOU can’t tell people to come to Ares Digital to donate…but can I?  After all, I never signed the settlement with CBS.  I don’t work for you.  I’m just a blogger.

ALEC – I can only tell you what I am not allowed to do, Jonathan.  I can’t tell you what you can and can’t write on your blog.  That’s up to you.

JONATHAN – And other Axanar supporters…is there anything stopping THEM from spreading the news themselves on social media?

ALEC – Jonathan, look, I know what you’re trying to do here, and I have to tell you again: the settlement only applies to ME.  It doesn’t apply to you or anyone else who wasn’t named in the lawsuit.  Anyone is free to talk about this publicly if they want to.  But I can’t and won’t be directing anyone to do or say anything.  The settlement is very clear on what I can and cannot do, and I fully intend to honor it to the letter because I want Axanar to be made. And I know that a lot of people out there feel the same way.

JONATHAN – That we do, Alec.  That we do!

Click here to visit the Ares Studios Patreon.

48 thoughts on “ARES STUDIOS launches new PATREON! (interview with ALEC PETERS, part 2)”

  1. Sorry to still be critical, but a) what’s that “Ares Digital” thing supposed to mean? Sounds like a lot of talk and overly complicating things to me. And b) you’re aware that people will say “we’ve already donated about $1M and now you’re seriously asking us to donate another $100-250K? Are you out of your mind?”? Combined with the argument that if you *had* started earlier, less money would’ve been “burnt” on rent, etc. in the meantime, i.e. more money would still be available.

    But since I too want to see those films, let me quote Edward Jellico: get it done! 😉

    1. Ares Digital 3.0 is a back-end database keeping track of tens of thousands of donor names, addresses, emails, and what perks they are owed. Without that database, there’s thousand and thousands of potential donors out there and no way to track them.

      Going forward, Ares Digital 3.0 will provide a way to donate directly to produce Axanar. The challenge is that Alec can’t publicly crowd-fund Axanar. But there is nothing in the settlement (according to Alec) that prevents him from building a private donation mechanism for direct contributions.

      Will people come back to donate again? Well, I’m planning to. And at least 95 people are currently signed up on Patreon to give $877/month (which is over $10K per year) after only six days. Now, $10K might be easy, but $150K could be much more challenging. We’ll see. The good news for Alec is that he isn’t limited to the one or two month deadline of a Kickstarter or Indiegogo. As long as the Patreon raises enough to keep a roof over the bridge set, there’s no time limit for raising funds through direct donations.

    2. And, as covered in the interview a certain amount of money was “burnt” during the lawsuit. Then the move…. And, as Alec notes, they spent a year building the set, working on costumes, re-working the script, etc, precisely so that when asking for more funds there’s something to show – else people would say, “You’ve got nothing but Prelude!”

      Having the set, having some costumes, makes it more “saleable,” of course.

      And if you have Paul Jenkins working on your script, that’s a working pro with lots of deadlines. Under the settlement, he’s probably not paid, so there’s a professional writer slowly working on the script as a favor between paying his bills.

      I, too, am impatient, but I’m (at least nominally) industry and do understand how long these things can take.

      As a side note, along with Axanar I’ve also given funds to STC, New Voyages and Farragut. Well, STC is done -scratch that off as getting my donation’s worth. New Voyages? I donated to thier last fundraiser, just before they shut down. Screw it, Cawley can have the $50. No biggie. Farragut? I mean they’ve finished photography and have been in post production for over three years, and I don’t see fan complaining about taking three years to edit the silly thing!

      So. Looking forward to Axanar, looking forward to the Farragut finale, hats-off to STC for more-or-less completing everything they set out to do with some style, and I wish New Voyages would finish up that last partial episode, but I won’t hold my breath.

      Either way, labors of love that take massive amounts of time. I’ll wait.

    3. if only there was existing software to keep track of these types of things… some kind of spreadsheet type software…

      1. The records are all in a previous database…over 10,000 donors with different perk combinations.

        Why is everyone suddenly giving unsolicited advice? After all, I don’t see any of the folks posting managing their own 10K name mailing lists. Why not just worry about your fiefdom and let Alec handle his?

        1. because he can’t Jonny… he’s proven that time and again with two previous iterations of his own system and two (more?) bankrupt businesses.

          1. Whatever happened to “third time’s the charm”?

            Anyway, you might want to get out of the way of all the people who are rushing to give Alec more money. 🙂

          2. because it’snot third times a charm. Propworx (x2), Axanar (x2), Industry Studios, OWC Studios, Ares Studios (now currently up for rent and available now according to the landlord) and 3 iterations of Ares Digital.

            That makes 10, and still no movie. … which is what it all comes down to. It’s been 2 years since Alec was allowed to make the movie and he still hasn’t made the movie.

          3. Does Hinman have him on double-secret probation or something, for letting you take him to school? Must be desperate to get that detractor cred back…

          4. No one likes to be proven wrong. The debate was a shock, I’m sure, and now that Matthew has “recovered,” it’s kind of like the athlete who choked in the finals, lost, and is now trying extra hard to prove to the world that he could have and should have won.

            How Matthew is dealing with having failed to convince people NOT to give more money to Alec again…well, I just can’t imagine how humiliating that feels.

  2. You know Jonny, you may want to check something with your “legal eagles”. Pretty sure that since the lawsuit was against Peters AND Axanar Productions the settlement applies to both the person and the entity. If that’s the case then it would probably apply to anyone associated with Axanar Productions. That would mean you’d not be able to promote any private fundraising effort. Why? The little issue of the signed affidavit submitted to the court where you declare yourself a writer for Axanar Productions Inc.

    It’d be a shame if the whole thing came crashing down because of your promotion of it.

    1. Nice try, Sando, but I already checked. All is kosher. I was only associated with Axanar Productions as a volunteer. I never received a paycheck or a salary or had any official connection to them. The settlement no more applies to me than it does to any number of volunteers who helped stuff patches into envelopes or packed up the studio for the move or simply manned a convention table for a few hours. The settlement is only applicable to Alec Peters and employees of Axanar Productions. I was never an employee.

      As for Alec not paying volunteers, well, that’s kind of the standard for ANY fan film, right? I mean, if all volunteers were required to get paid, then CBS’s guideline saying that no one can be paid for working on a fan film would make it impossible for anyone to ever make a fan film without violating guideline #5. You don’t want to end all fan films, do you, Sandy?

      California law provides for exceptions from the requirement in certain cases…which would include fan films (a form of social organization). Also, as one of my legal eagles said, you also have to look at the INTENT of the law. Was it designed to stop a bunch of Trekkies? No. It was designed so that an employer couldn’t get out paying salaries by classifying some or all of his/her employees as unpaid volunteers.

      And the following is a quote from this this particular legal eagle (I typed as fast as I could):

      “This Sandy person is, of course, welcome to report Alec to the State of California for violating labor practices. When did this happen again?” I answered that I stuffed patches into envelopes beck in July of 2015. “Oh, then he can’t because the statue of limitations is 3 years. But assuming he did, the state would require him to show standing.” Standing means that there were damages done directly to Sandy that require a legal remedy. “So even if he or anyone else reported Alec, there’s no cause of action. This would be a civil matter, not a criminal matter, so the state has no reason to get involved. So really, Jon, unless you decide to sue Alec yourself–and as I said, the statue of limitations has run out–it looks like your friend Alec is completely in the clear.”

      Oh, and just for good measure, I also called Alec to ask him, and this is what he said: “Why doesn’t Sandy go spend time with his family? Doesn’t he have a wife and kids?” Alec also suggested that Sandy do something that is not anatomically possible for most people, but I didn’t feel it was relevant to quote here. 🙂

      1. Wow, thanks for putting words in my mouth Jonny, but I could care less if volunteers were paid or not.

        There’s one big difference between you and other volunteers though, not one of them have a signed affidavit saying they worked for Axanar entered into a court proceeding. But that’s fine if you’ve been told it’s not a problem, take the risk if you so choose.

        As for Peters and his comment about my family… well that’s frankly none of his business. I spend plenty of time with my family and the lad is in bed so it’s not a problem. Maybe he should spend some time with his. Oh wait…

        1. I just don’t understand all of this significance being put on the affidavit. I’m obviously not an Axanar Productions employee, so I’m not considered part of the settlement. Even if I had been paid (if you counted the burrito Alec bought me), that would have been considered freelance work of an outside contractor…still not covered under the settlement. The settlement simply doesn’t apply to Jonathan Lane. Never has, never will.

          No risk, Sandy. Thanks for your concern, though.

  3. Whooboy ok, let’s talk about some real big issues here.

    “No way to track them”.

    Except a really, really basic excel spreadsheet? This Ares Digital thing is really a garbage head scratcher, money waster and time waster. It also highlights Alec’s failure as a producer, choosing a long and overly complicated method to deliver on perks. Ares Digital Versions 1.0 and 2.0 clearly didn’t do the trick with “streamlining” getting perks out to people in a timely fashion. So, why bother with 3.0? It’s still going to require someone to input the data collected, so why complicate it?

    Let me save you money, Alec. Open Google Sheets. Type in Names, Addresses, Email Addresses, Perks Owed. Copy paste donors address onto mailing label template. When a perk is fulfilled and mailed, highlight that persons name with a color in Google Sheets. Done. Next. It isn’t complicated.

    “Ares Digital 3.0 will provide a way to donate directly to produce Axanar.”

    How about… A PayPal link? Or a Venmo account? Done. What is this weird need for a bespoke, new system? You don’t need it and you’re wasting time and money.

    Again, a producer’s job is to deliver a film in a timely fashion, on budget and on schedule. Alec has now blown past his budget, rocketed past his schedule and is now devoting his time, efforts and MONEY to a convention and a digital perk delivery service? It’s a great smoke and mirrors act, but it doesn’t make a film.

    “We need to rent out a green screen studio and that is expensive. Renting multiple quality cameras is expensive.”

    Again, another example poor producing here. You are paying for a studio space RIGHT NOW. Renting a popup green screen or even buying a couple of them is peanuts. Here, let me help you: Google search “Lastolite LL LB7622 Panoramic Background 13 Foot (4M) Chromakey Green”. They’re $500 a piece. Buy two of them for $1,000 and use them to film your segments in literally any room that they fit in, and you now own them and have them forever.

    Renting a camera? You’re telling me in your vast network of filmmaking friends, you don’t have a single camera owner/operator who’s willing to help you out? Your director/cinematographer/editor – nobody has a connection RED or an ALEXA? Hell, how about a 4K DSLR?

    Here’s another tip. Go to and you can rent a RED 6K for like, $300-$500 a day. A basic Arri lighting kit for $30-$80 a day. And so on.

    Look, I could go on but… Here’s the bottom line: Just stop making excuses, stop spinning your wheels and stop wasting everyone’s time with tap dances about how film production works. You’re intentionally choosing to complicate it. Those of us who know how this works know that this is a lot of time wasting and shoegazing. Especially now that you’re filming it mostly as a green screen piece.

    You know what would raise you some more money? FILMING A SCENE. ANY SCENE. Show people you aren’t full of it and want to make your film and not invest in “digital perk services” or “conventions”.


      1. Excellent non-substantive response, Jonathan. Thank you. Do you have an opinion about the solutions I presented? Witty retort for the money-saving answers presented?

        Alec, if you’re reading this (and we all know you are) you know everything I said is possible and true. Your current plan of action is, frankly, very poor.

        The next money you spend should be on starting production on yout movie. MAKE. THE. MOVIE. Just: START. You can start knocking our scenes. Use actual film production to motivate your fan base, and not churning out fulfillment software and conventions

        1. Agreed! Just rent or buy a green screen, film some scenes, and then get back to raising more money. That would be the honorable thing to do, and you know it can be done.

          1. Jonathan, no need to get snarky, or is it your film? You always came across as a reasonable guy who was good with words. This time, not so much.

            And no, I won’t go “play”, I’ll get back to work, because some people have to work for the money they get to spend, and not continually ask other people to give them some without giving something back in return or proof that they eventually will…

            And don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan and don’t think Alec is responsible for half the stuff he’s being accused for, but at the moment it’s all talk, no action, and anyone with a clear mind cannot deny that…

          2. Actually, Alec is doing a LOT of work at the moment. His paying job right now is coaching a girls volleyball program about 5 hours drive away (one-way). It’s a commute he makes once a week. When he’s not doing that, Alec is getting the bridge finished with a number of volunteers and doing regular podcasts, twice a week, in order to build subscribers and loyal followers on YouTube. He is also coordinating other volunteers who are editing together exclusive footage from Axacon–interviews, panels, and other special features. Keep in mind, even though the volunteers are doing a good portion of the work on this videos, etc., Alec had to find those volunteers, determine their skill sets, get them the resources they need, and motivate them to work as hard as they do. Even the quarterback doesn’t play all 22 positions (plus special teams), but he does call the plays in the huddle and does important work himself that no other player does or is expected to do.

            So you’ll forgive me if I disagree that Alec is all talk and no action at the moment. He is a lot of BOTH! 🙂

          3. I didn’t say Alec is not a busy man by any means. It’s just that everything you listed there has nothing to do with getting the 2 parts of Axanr done. That’s what people complain about, not that he’s got no work ethic or something like that.

            The bridge? Won’t be used, and if it will, only for flashbacks (Alec’s words). Axacon? Great, the geek that I am I would’ve loved to be there, but could do without. I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

            Again: I’m not a donor, so I cannot complain. I’m merely pointing things out, maybe uncomfortably so. It’s just that everything that Alec *does* could be much more thoroughly enjoyed by me and everyone else, if he first/also could get those 2 missing Axanar episodes done. Or at least start. I think you know what I mean, I always thought you were smart (hey, why do I have to think of that TNG episode with the Pakleds, when I say that in my mind? 😀 What was it called? Samaritan Snare? And no, it’s no pun intended, it genuinely just came to mind because of the word “smart” ;-))

          4. But I don’t think you understand (or maybe didn’t read the interview carefully enough) that Alec IS starting. But he can’t pull the trigger on production until he’s fully funded. And like Prelude, which cost about $80K, those next two features will cost about the same each. He can’t film just one or two quick scenes to say, “Here, take a look how it’s coming along.” It’s all or nothing because each scene requires actors, a film crew, costumes, make-up, and a rented studio. It’s all or nothing.

            So Alec is doing what he can in the pre-production phase, including building momentum and excitement for what will be a push for private donations in another month or two.

            And yes, I am smart. Alec is smart, too. Seriously. He is also dedicated to getting this project done right the first time because CBS and Paramount are not going to give him a second chance.

          5. “Now go run along and play while Alec makes HIS fan film HIS way.”

            This would imply that Alec is actually making a fan film, which he currently appears to be doing anything but… Just wait. It’ll be 2020 before you know it and there won’t be a single thing for him to show for Axanar.

            At what point will you get it and detach from the salt leach, Jonathan?

          6. I’m fine waiting. Why are you so bothered? Just move on with your life if you’re bothered by Axanar taking so long. We’ll let you know when it’s done, Pike…don’t ya worry! 🙂

        2. Yes, I do understand. Perfectly. It’s just that I (and as it seems, other people, too) have a different opinion on how things should be done. Someone argued that you do not have to rent a studio, you already have one. All you need is that green screen and a bit of other equipment (the guy made a list complete with prices). And yes, it would make a whole lot of sense to film all scenes with one actor on as less days as possible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start with anything.

          I think that you still don’t understand that what puts people off is that money that *could’ve* been used to make the movies (or at least start) went into “unneccesary” things like the bridge set, Axacon, and monts of rent while doing that and sittung duck what the actual production is concerned. Do the maths on that one, I believe that’s at least $80K right there…

          And again: the bridge set is awesome! Totally! But then either use it in the f*cking movie, or spend your money on such endeavours when you can, not when you have other obligations to fulfill. *That’s* the problem, and that’s something that Alec is also very good at, besides his undeniable skills in movie making…

          1. The bridge set WILL be used, even if it’s primarily to make “bonus” scenes available exclusively to donors.

            Let me repeat that…

            “bonus” scenes available exclusively to donors.

            Wanna get more donors? How about encouraging their donations with special scenes that will appear only on the special edition Blu-ray (and/or DVD)? Now you might understand the power of finishing the bridge.

            Likewise, the Axacon panels and interviews have produced nearly 28 hours of footage that is being edited now…soon to be available exclusively to Patreon donors and later, also, to Axanar private donors. Those 28 hours won’t be released all at once. A video each week or two could easily fill a year, which will hopefully encourage people to keep signing up for the Patreon (and/or private Fan-Funder), and to stick with the monthly commitment for the Patreon.

            Hopefully, it all makes more sense to you now, Olaf. If not, I’m running out of way to explain it, dude! 🙂

  4. What Alec wrote about the process made perfect sense to me. He’s clearly thought through how to minimize costs and that’s great. Alec was also obviously being very careful in how he worded the part about what he can and can’t do as one would expect.

    Now I’m looking forward to Ares Digital 3.0.

  5. You don’t work for Axanar? Um, you signed an affidavit saying you were a writer for Axanar Productions… that makes you bound by the settlement too, and probably why you have to clear everything with Alec first.

    Also, you confirmed you have signed an NDA… curious. Have you done that with any other fan film? Is that why you only write positive articles?

    Condescending attitude in 3… 2…

    1. 1…zero! Let’s go!

      First, you’re actually nearing moron status, Matt, although in an arrogant sort of way. So it looks doubly bad (since saying stupid things is not the time you want to put on airs.)

      You seem to think you have a smoking gun when all you have is a red herring. But please, let me school you one more time for old time’s sake…

      In order to legally be an employee in this country, there needs to be certain things in place:

      1) An employment contract or agreement
      2) A salary or freelance commission or hourly wages (paid by check, cash, or direct deposit)
      3) Paperwork filed with the state and federal tax authorities to cover employment taxes, social security, worker’s comp, etc.

      I have none of those. Therefore, legally, I am not nor have I ever been an employee of Axanar Productions. Would you care to try to debate that? I’d be happy to hear you say “but, but, but…” a few dozen times.

      Did I write blogs for Axanar as a volunteer? Yes, of course I did. I said as much in the affidavit: “I am a writer for Axanar Productions.” I never said, “I am employed by Axanar Productions as a writer.” That would have been perjury. You know…lying. That’s something that at least the guy on my side of the keyboard doesn’t do. 🙂

      As for the NDA, I signed it before being given a copy of the revise 30-minute Axanar script for review. Alec didn’t want it getting out publicly. I happily signed the NDA because I felt honored to be a reviewer and was eager to see how it turned out. Since then, I’ve been shown the Axanar financials and have been told about certain casting choices for the upcoming sequels. Both of those things I have been asked not to share, and so I haven’t published them.

      The NDA simply says that if I do share inside information about Axanar Productions, I can be held liable for damages. It does NOT say that I can only write positive things. Take a look at Rob Burnett’s NDA. Mine is identical. Tell me if there’s anything there that says I can’t write something negative.

      I’ll wait.

      Still waiting.

      Got anything yet?

      I didn’t think so.

      Alec isn’t my editor. He’s not my boss. He doesn’t tell me what I can and can’t write about on Fan Film Factor. But when I want to report on something Axanar-related that might be confidential, I do check first with Alec and get his approval. After transcribing our interview, for example, I e-mailed it to him, asking if there were any changes he wanted to make. After all, it’s his interview. But if I wanted to report on something negative about Axanar, I certainly could and not violate my NDA (unless I were sharing something confidential). The reason I don’t write negative things about Axanar, though, is 1) I like to focus on the positive, and 2) there really is mostly good news at the moment. Barely an hour ago, the Patreon crossed 100 donors…in less than a week! $932/month will be coming Alec’s way. If your goal, Matthew, was to “educate the public” so they wouldn’t give any more of their money to Alec Peters, well…epic fail on that one, mate!

      Anyway, this is the last I’m going to discuss this, Matthew. It’s simply taking too much of my time to prove that the detractors are morons, and that really should be self-evident enough that I shouldn’t need to expend effort proving the obvious.

      Oh, and speaking of the obvious, “Condescending attitude in 3… 2…” is, itself, condescending. Just thought you should know, Mr. Kettle. 🙂

          1. I too have a signed NDA with Axanar Productions.
            I am also not an employee. I have not nor have I ever received any kind of fiscal or material compensation for any time I have voluntarily donated to assist the production in whatever way I have.
            And I’m not the only one.

    1. It’s a living. 🙂

      Actually, the ultimate “gotcha!” is that there are now officially more people signed up for Alec’s new Patreon after just six days (101 patrons giving over $11K a year to fund Ares Studios) than there are detractors. Gotcha!

      1. Thank you for the non-substantive response, Jonathan. Have you any thoughts about the much cheaper & existing logistical solutions I presented? A simple spread sheet & PayPal link = cheaper, faster than “Ares Digital 3.0”. It’s a time waster and a poor film producing decision.

        Make the movie, Alec.

  6. First off, great cliff hanger to the 1st part! Kudos.

    As to the interview. Funding a studio, re-funding a fan film. I don’t know. It could be a galvanising force that provides a facility for holding sets that doesn’t rely on the incredible generosity of a single person (Stage 9). It could be a way of setting up a business using other people’s money. I think, given a choice, I’d favour a share holding funding arrangement. But, I guess it doesn’t matter. People are at liberty to invest their own money and they shouldn’t start crying if it comes to nothing.

    I think, what I tell myself, is that Prelude to Axanar is the best fan film I’ve watched bar none. It was a very, very special effort. We shouldn’t forget that and I will give the benefit of the doubt to someone who could create that. Even after all this time.

    Right, now I’ve said my piece, I’m getting out of here in case it all kicks off again. Beam me up. 🙂

    P.S. Separate issue, Temporal Anomaly (expected by end of the month). Any word?

    1. Temporal Anomaly is supposed to be out any day now. Of course, that’s been the story all month! 🙂

      I’ve done a great audio interview with Samuel Cockings (REALLY worth listening to the whole way). I’m just cooling my jets until it’s ready read to post along with a link to the fan film on YouTube.

  7. The fx on the Burnett network or whatever that is, look great. I hadn’t realized Axanar needed to raise more money. Is there anything stopping a fan run campaign on behalf of Axanar?

    1. Hmmmmm…

      Interesting question.

      Obviously, Alec can’t endorse it publicly. But I suppose a fan could say, “Give me your money and I will collect it to give it to Axanar Productions directly.” But I don’t think that Kickstarter or Indiegogo allows that sort of thing. Not sure about the smaller services.

      I suspect, however, that many fans might wonder why there needs to be a “middle man.” Why not just make a private donation directly rather than risk trusting some unknown fan to really be raising the money for Axanar and not simply pocketing it (or a portion of it) for himself/herself. Not that I’m implying that you would do such a thing yourself, James. However, if people don’t know you and there isn’t any legal accountability, folks might perceive there to be at least a little bit of a risk.

      1. Sadly, I don’t have time for such a venture. I donated to the original fundraiser, but will err on the side of caution this time. As the Romulan said in TUC. “Frankly Commander, I don’t know what to think” over the whole furore.

        I do look forward to one day seeing Axanar. I also think a documentary on the whole thing would be quite entertaining. When enough time has passed.

  8. You mean I got you speechless? Well, now *that’s* worth one more shot! 😀

    No, seriously, what you just explained (partially for the first time, at least for me) makes more sense. Not totally, but a whole lot more. Let’s just settle on we’ll see how it all winds up, shall we? 😉

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