This is my ONE THOUSANDTH blog – time for a Fan Film Factor PATREON!

That’s right, folks! I’m finally taking the plunge and launching a PATREON campaign to help fund the expenses of the Fan Film Factor blog. Here’s the link to donate…

I don’t need much. Each year, my expenses to keep this blog site operational run about $400. This includes domain registration for, web hosting at GoDaddy for a WordPress site (along with hi-end tech support, which is an extra premium but VERY helpful!), my SSL certificate (so that your browser trusts my blog site), and an additional layer of site security to guard against Russian hackers, random bad actors, and angry detractors.

When I first started including Google Ads on the right column of my blog pages, I was getting a bit more traffic because of the Axanar lawsuit, and the ad revenue pretty much covered the cost for the site upkeep. But in the last two years, ad revenue has settled in at a solid $200 annually, which is about half of what I pay to keep the blog’s lights on.

With the pandemic, money is tight, and so I decided to do what a few others in our community have done before—like RAY TESI from Neutral Zone Studios, ALEC PETERS from Ares Studios, and TREY McELWAIN from Mac’s World Creations Studio. (Hmmm, maybe I need to become a “studio”!) If just 18 or 20 folks sign up to give $1/month, then all is good. If I get even more donors, then I’ll be covered if ad revenue goes down…or maybe even be able to stop doing all of this completely for free.

That said, I’ve never been interested in turning blogging into a lucrative career. I do this for LOVE—love of Star Trek and of fan films, as well as respect and admiration for the fine folks who produce these great projects. The stories behind their stories deserve to be told. And between researching, writing, editing, interviewing, sound-editing, and graphics preparation, I average between 10 and 25 hours per week working on this blog site that I love so much. I’ve been doing all this for free for nearly five years now, and sure, it’d be nice to make a few bucks from it. But that’ll never be a deal-breaker for me.

In fact, this blog that you’re reading marks my ONE THOUSANDTH published blog on Fan Film Factor since January of 2016! Just take a look at my WordPress dashboard…

Click to enlarge

Earlier this year, I’d been curious how many blog entries I’d published and saw the total at 928. So I kept in the back of my mind that I should do something special for blog number 1,000. Then, a couple of months ago when I decided to launch a Patreon, it seemed like the perfect time to announce it.

I’ll post reminders from time to time (unless I get tons of patrons all at once, which I don’t expect). But for now, once again, please click below to sign up:

Thanks in advance if you decide to become one of my Patreon supporters!

12 thoughts on “This is my ONE THOUSANDTH blog – time for a Fan Film Factor PATREON!”

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    You should also mention your PayPal account address every time you mention patreon. Always mention together, as many like myself would prefer to donate by that route.
    Any extra, you might consider ads on Twitter or Facebook, or other online venues, drive more traffic, which might net a sponsor or two someday?

    Anyways, thanks for all you do!

    1. Patreon is a monthly automatic donation service. I’d rather go that route than rely on sporadic Paypal donations. That said, you’re always welcome to make a Paypal donation to me at

      As for Twitter and Facebook ads, I tired the latter for a few months, and it was a money pit. I quickly realized that I could blast to about 10-12 Star Trek Facebook groups and get just as good results (better, in fact) for the cost of a few extra minutes of my time.

  2. Hi Jonathon,
    Congratulations on your blogging milestone! Always a fan, I just made my pledge. I’m really stoked about the Romulan Wars coming out on October 18th. I can’t wait to see your write up about it.
    As my favorite beer says” Stay interesting my friend”

      1. No problem man. I keep my Patreon support within the family. Theres Alec, JP and now you.

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