AXANAR PRODUCTIONS releases an important update to DONORS!

axanar-logo-3The following message was just sent to all AXANAR donors…

In light of information contained in the Motions for Summary Judgement filed by both sides in our continuing litigation with CBS Studios and Paramount Productions, we think it’s important to provide some information to our fans and backers to help put everything into context:

1) Alec Peters has put in approximately $ 150,000 of his own money into Axanar over the past year. He is currently paying the $ 15,000 a month it costs to keep the studio open, out of his own pocket, as he has been doing since this for the past 6 months.

2) Alec has not kept a single dollar from donor funds, either in salary, or expense reimbursements. Any money Alec received was paid back through the money he has been putting into Axanar. This means, Alec has worked full time on Axanar for over 2 1/2 years and not received a dime in salary, benefits or expense reimbursements.

3) Axanar now has an accountant who has taken all of the voluminous notes and records Alec and the team have kept and completed financial statements for the past 2 1/2 years. The financials will now be reviewed by our CPA/Tax accountant next week as she prepares our tax returns.

4) We have decided to create an Independent Financial Review Committee, a group of industry professionals and donors, to review the financials and report back to the entire donor base. We believe that the report from this committee will give donors the confidence that the Axanar team spent the donor money wisely and that Alec has not received any compensation or expense reimbursements.

5) Axanar has also retained a firm to prepare and manage our 501c3 filing, which should be filed shortly. They are currently waiting on a document back from the CA Secretary of State approving the change to our articles of incorporation and then they will file our application.

6) While Axanar has not made one dime off of renting out the studio, that is the intention of the Axanar team, as we hope to continue to be able to pay the rent. Every single dollar raised by renting out the studio (which we now call Industry Studios) will go towards producing Axanar.

With everything going on concerning the lawsuit and the amount of disinformation being spread by people whose intention is to see Alec Peters fail, embarrass those who worked with him and make it impossible to share our vision for the story of AXANAR with the tens of thousands who financially supported this project, we thought it was important to give you our side.

As to where things will go after the lawsuit, we think it would be unhelpful to speculate on too much. But Axanar Productions remains committed to addressing the copyright concerns of CBS Studios and Paramount Pictures Corporation in a way that allows us to tell the story of AXANAR our fans and donors have supported. Once this lawsuit is resolved, Axanar Productions’ team will meet and discuss what kinds of modifications need to be made so we can move forward with production.

Once the plan is set, we will share that news with all of you.

Until then, thank you for your on-going support.

11 thoughts on “AXANAR PRODUCTIONS releases an important update to DONORS!”

  1. So, Axanar has been broke since May of 2016… since the suit was filed at the end of December of 2015, that just means, what 5 months of rent was left?

    So are we to believe a film would actually be made with only 75K in the bank…

    So lets be clear, in NO WAY, do I accept Alec Peters paying for HIS PERSONAL LEGAL OBLIGATION (He co signed on the warehouse) as repaying his salary.

    As far as point two… How much of his personal money went into Axanar Productions vs. Industry Studios… They are supposedly different things. Axanar Productions shut down operations with the lawsuit. The only obligations they should have continued to amass would have been the 15K or so, that You said was needed through your pathetic attempt to shame people into giving, which by my count since the Lawsuit was filed would have been $165,000.00

    The only reason Axanar Productions could be broke, is if Axanar Productions paid for the Office Renovations, the Upgraded Power system, and the upgraded Fire Suppression system that was needed to certify Industry Studios.

    Where is the money?? Axanar needs to release BOTH financial statements they gave the Plaintiffs… Not just the one that was edited to remove the EMBARRASING information… but BOTH, and the people need to decide..

    1. More like a troll wearing an orange jumpsuit. Go away you little idiot. Only real Axanar fans need to post here.

      1. You don’t need to be a “real” Axanar fan to post here, DK. I welcome differing opinions. I just welcome POLITE and RESPECTFUL differing opinions more than the bitchy ones. 🙂

  2. Interesting
    After reading this post and some of the (not realy) redacted parts of L&L’s motion a thought about the timing of the filing of the suit crossed my mind.

    on “Captain’s Log – Dec 9th, 2015” it was announced AP would apply for non-profit status and less than three weeks later (maybe two if you consider the holidays) the suit was filed. So maybe CBS/P thought lets sue before they file their 501C3 so we can argue AP is a for-profit company and by suing hopefully delay their application until after this case is resolved.

    The question is, if AP get the non-profit status before trial (assuming the partys didn’t settle before) could it be used in trial to disprove CBS/P’s claim it is for-profit since the filing was done after dicouvery ended.

    1. Possibly, but I doubt it will be necessary. The is no rule in copyright law preventing a person from making a profit if the infringement is fair use. If it isn’t fair use and the damages are statutory, then profit made is also irrelevant. Only if the plaintiffs can prove actual damages (which I don’t believe they can) will profit come into play assuming the plaintiffs choose to pursue monetary damages instead of statutory ones.

  3. So, If Alec Peters had $150k laying around he could just put back into Axanar, why did he take a $65k salary? Why did he use Axanar funds to pay for “tens of thousands of dollars” on meals, and finally why the eff did he use Axanar funds to pay for his TSA PRESCREEN???

    Stuff like this, (the TSA PRESCREEN, His SGA membership (which he didn’t need BTW) just demonstrated that Peters was not a good steward over fan donations. Spin this thing however you want, but it’s clear that Peters saw this money as his to spend however he pleased.

    1. If Loeb & Loeb were giving youth whole truth in an unbiassed way, I’d almost say had a point. But I suspect Loeb & Loeb isn’t reporting the facts accurately. Wouldn’t be the first time.

  4. Oh gee, what a mean thing to do. Now the bull shitters won’t have any way to slander Alec Peters or Axanar.

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