JONATHAN’S computer being fixed

Hey, folks.  My trusty ol’ Macintosh is gettin’ a little too ol’, so while I contemplate spending thousands on a new one (sorry, PC people, I’m never going back to Windows), the current contraption is going into the shop for at least a day or two.

This means a delay on any new blog posts (including my interview with Alec Peters), as well as approving and/or responding to any comments.  As soon as I’m back at full power, I’ll make those two tasks my priority (after my family, of course).

In the meantime, if you’re looking for something to do on an otherwise pleasant Saturday, think about tuning in for my Axanar lawsuit update on the Shane Plays radio broadcast this Saturday at 2pm Eastern (11am Pacific).  The show broadcasts live in the Little Rock area on 96.5 FM the Answer, and people can listen online at  You can also call in!

8 thoughts on “JONATHAN’S computer being fixed”

  1. PC doesn’t equal windows, and if you’re looking to be a bit frugal you can find really cheap secondhand laptops on ebay (say 50 bucks or so). The older laptops tend to run pretty slow with win on them, so what you do is install linux, in order to put more life into the computer.

    You can also find completely new devices pretty cheap, especially if you pick ARM instead of x86, such as chromebooks, raspberry pis, or a beefier tinker board ( ).

    Anyway, point is, there’s a whole universe of alternatives beyond spending thousands on apple and running windows, both options I find extremely unappealing.

    1. Well, it’s too late now–the new MacBook Pro is now right in front of me.

      Understand that I have a lot of existing software purchased in Macintosh format, and I do some video editing of hefty projects that requires a large internal drive and lots of RAM. Purchasing cheap old computers isn’t a viable option for me, unfortunately. But I will likely have this new contraption for at least the next four to six years, as well…barring the winning of the lottery! 🙂

  2. Not that I really want to be seen trying to help you out, I do have a suggestion for your Mac replacement. When I had to replace my 9 year old iMac I couldn’t face paying the few grand for a new one. My solution was to get a Mac Mini for a fraction of the cost and a 4k monitor which can be found quite cheap. I used the old keyboard and mouse as well. This got me a new mac for less than half the cost of a new iMac.

    1. What gets me the most about this comment is the opening qualifier, “Not that I really want to be seen trying to help you out…”

      Quite a world we live in, folks, isn’t it?

    1. AWESOME! Thanks for sharing that, Kosst. I’ll put it up on the main page of FFF in a couple of days.

      I’ve been REALLY looking forward to this one since I first learned of it last year. Did you know that Kenny Smith originally tried to raise $130,000 in a Kickstarter and didn’t come close? So he shut it down and decided to fund it entirely himself! There’s so many really talented people involved in this project.

      1. Your welcome, Jonathan :).

        Yes, I know.

        And one more thing: I’m looking for First Frontier much more than for CBS’ Discovery. I see – in this trailer – canon accurate production, with cosmic sense of wonder (you see the eyes of captain April?) in very TAS’ style.

        Here comes working version of the first scene:

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