REMINDER: Jonathan discusses AXANAR and FAN FILMS live Saturday at 2pm Eastern Time (11am Pacific)!

I’l be doing a live interview on the SHANE PLAYS radio program tomorrow (Saturday) at 2pm Eastern Time (that’s 11am Pacific Time for me).  Shane will be talking to me about the AXANAR lawsuit and settlement–was there a clear winner and/or loser?–and about what this all might mean for the future of Star Trek fan films.

The show broadcasts live in the Little Rock area on 96.5 FM the Answer, and people can listen online at  You can also call in.  The show will be archived afterwards for anyone to listen to who wants to.

Oh, and for anyone who is curious about my computer situation, a new MacBook Pro has been ordered and is now on its way from Brooklyn, NY to Los Angeles, CA (I order most of my expensive gadgets from &B&H Photo). As I feared, the culprit was indeed the logic board on my five and a half year old Mac laptop.  I will miss the 17″ screen (not made anymore), but time marches on.

My old computer will works at ultra-slow speed (it’s taken me 25-minutes to type this blog so far), so Fan Film Factor will likely remain “in hibernation” until mid-to-late next week.  My apologies.

4 thoughts on “REMINDER: Jonathan discusses AXANAR and FAN FILMS live Saturday at 2pm Eastern Time (11am Pacific)!”

  1. Now, Jonathan, you know I think you’re awesome and all but you leave yourself little room to complain when YOU have chosen to eshew & foresake The Wonderful World of Wintel for that of the bitten fruit. But for what it’s worth, so does Rush Limbaugh.

    1. I seldom if ever complain about Macintoshes. My first computer was an Apple II Plus back in the 1980s. Then I went to a Macintosh SE and, later, a Macintosh II. I switched to a Dell in 1998 when I needed to see how the websites I was designing looked and operated on the PC side…as back then, you got VERY different results on PC browsers versus Mac ones. That dalliance with the Dark Side lasted about eight years. And when I finally switched back to a Macintosh, it felt like I’d been standing up for eight years and then someone finally offered me a reclining chair and suggested I sit down…

      I’ve never looked back. In fact, I cringe anytime I have to borrow my wife’s PC! 🙂

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