AXANAR PRODUCTIONS is moving its sets to ATLANTA!

As I reported previously, ALEC PETERS of AXANAR PRODUCTIONS worked out a deal with his landlord that was unexpectedly positive in that it allowed him to vacate the Valencia, CA studio (where he has been paying $12,000/month in rent) eight months early with no financial or legal penalties. And the landlord has even offered some partial reimbursement for the donor funds that were used to improve the facility and convert the warehouse into a studio and sound stage.  Industry Studios will continue, and Axanar Productions will still be allowed to film in it, but the landlord will now be in charge, and the sets will need to be removed.

Ah, the sets.  Nearly complete, they really are quite gorgeous and very well constructed.  They are also quite large and can’t simply be stored in someone’s living room or garage.  So Alec has been forced to find another home for them, and apparently, that home has been found in Atlanta, GA.

Axanar Productions just released the following statement to donors…

Over the past month, Team Axanar has been working through the issues surrounding our studio lease in California and the disposition of the amazing bridge and other sets built for the AXANAR feature film project. As we have noted previously, our landlord has agreed to not only let Axanar Productions out of the lease, but to take over Industry Studios and continue to operate it as a sound stage. As part of this deal, Axanar Productions will still be able to use the facility as well as recover a portion of the investment we made to convert the warehouse into a sound stage. Those funds will go back into Axanar Productions so we can continue telling the story of Axanar and fulfilling our commitments to donors.

As you probably know, we are also approaching the end of our current Indiegogo campaign which has generated over $20,000 in new donations. Originally intended to help fund the rent and overhead related to operating the Industry Studios sound stage, we’ve had to change our purpose for the funds raised to cover our transition out of that space and our move to something new. We asked donors what they thought and a overwhelming majority of them indicated they were happy to let us decide how to best move forward. Fewer than 2% of all donors to the campaign asked for a refund.

So we are happy to announce that Axanar Productions will be relocating to Atlanta, Georgia at the end of this month. Atlanta is the third largest film production city in the US and our new facility will cost approximately 25% of our current lease, giving us both the time and space required to finish production of Axanar. The 6,000 sq. ft. of space is in fantastic condition and is fully air conditioned, a must for shooting in hot Atlanta summers. We are very excited about the new facility and think it will make a great long-term home for both Axanar and the other Star Trek and science fiction projects we have planned.

So, Team Axanar will be loading trucks and moving out of our Los Angeles facility April 28-30th. If you are a Los Angeles local, we would love to have your help! In addition, we move into our Atlanta facility May 6-7th and if you are an Atlanta resident, we would love your help there. In fact, the team from another Star Trek fan film is coming over to help us unload the trucks and move in!

So if you are interested in helping in either location, please email me at [email protected] and let me know. There will be food and swag for everyone who helps!

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  1. Georgia seems to be a popular place for Star Trek TOS fan films.

    As I understand it, Starship Farragut (IIRC) were there for awhile in Kingston, GA, then Star Trek Continues took over their (Farragut’s) sets.

    If I am wrong, please feel free to correct me where necessary.

    /just to be facetious, I wonder why Starbase Studios didn’t move to Georgia?
    // 😉
    ///I am joking on that last observation, of course
    ////put down those pitchforks and torches, folks

    1. In addition to Farragut and Star Trek Continues, other fan productions in the Georgia/Florida area include the upcoming Star Trek: First Frontier, Potemkin Pictures’ Starship Deimos production team, and Exeter Trek (not to be confused with Starship Exeter). Also, there’s fan productions somewhat close-by in Alabama and Tennessee, as well.

      In contrast, the only currently active Trek-related fan productions in L.A. are Renegades and Guinan (The Listener). Past productions included Hidden Frontier and the Red Shirt Diaries, but they’re long over. So moving down to Atlanta, GA isn’t the worst idea for a fan film studio.

  2. Yay! He broke a lease and leaves behind hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of upgrades that Axanar will never use. Amazing progress!

    I’m glad Industry Studios will still be allowed to film in it….while in Atlanta…

    1. Pardon me…I’m glad Axanar will still be able to film in Valencia…while in Atlanta.

    1. I don’t think we’re sure yet. The sets will be in Atlanta for any flashback scenes being filmed on the bridge. But many of the big names in the cast live in L.A. And it’ll be easier (and much cheaper!) to bring them into Industry Studios for a few days to shoot their scenes in front of the green screen (as was done with Prelude) than to fly them out to Georgia. Also, the green screen in Valencia is much larger than anything they’re likely to have in the new studio and will thus allow more interesting composition of scenes.

      1. Since Axanar has zero balance to pay the landlord for renting out the green screen, that option isn’t likely ! The LA saga has come to a conclusion and there’s nothing ever going to be produced in Valencia, the sad chapter has ended ! So, if Axanar is ever going to see the light of day, very doubtful, it’ll be filmed in front of an 10 by 15 foot green screen in someone’s garage, of course with foam on the floor for soundproofing!
        The so called new studio in Atlanta is little more than a cheap rental property where these half completed sets will set until Alec decides their fate. Without additional funds, which now seem shaky at best, the final completion of these are extremely doubtful! Think of these incomplete sets of Alec’s as someone who is given a totaled Ferrari vehicle who doesn’t want to junk it, they rent a storage unit in a cheap storage unit until they come into a large sum of money to fix it up, and as years past and the storage rent continues to accumulate, eventually the reality of the situation sets in and its junked !
        Don’t see much too many of this mess as a positive!

        1. obviously haven’t seen the new studio then.
          And you know what, even if Alec did film in a garage, with foam on the floor, still better then anything you have done other than moan like a ho.

          1. That’s bordering on warning territory, B4. You didn’t call Tony a name specifically, but similes still trigger a red flag around here. This isn’t an official warning, but the next crude simile will get you one. The “no insults” rule goes for both sides, my friend.

          2. Now B4 Lore, you haven’t seen my garage form studio! Also, that derogatory remark about moaning was totally uncalled for ..

  3. At least they’re still alive and kicking. So, that’s some piece of good Axanar-news anyway… P 🙂

  4. Tony, you honestly have no clue what you are talking about. As Jonathan points out the sets were nearly complete, not “half completed” . But the truth doesn’t serve your lies does it?

    And since you are just one more anonymous troll that doesn’t have any actual accomplishments to justify a valid opinion, leave it to those of us who actually do something in the world to decide how to make things work.

    And Axanar will be filmed both in Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Again, let people who actually know what they are doing worry about it. And the reason you don’t see too much positive is that you not only don’t actually read what is published, but rather just bitch about anything, but you also don’t know how to create something great.

    As we say to the guys who score zero in games, thanks for coming out.

    1. Hey Alec, since those sets are all finished out, polished and ready for production, then there’s absolutely no reason not to post a few photographs of those awesome build outs! Not only would this show your loyal backers but also those so labeled “haters” of yours, what better way to quiet the naysayers than show your actually completed the sets! So with that said, let’s see those amazing builds ! I really don’t expect to see anything from you – and we both know why !
      I’m not sure about your accomplished statement, how is holding a cup out for donations actually accomplishing anything, but it’s your dreamworld .. There are hundreds of thousand people begging for free money everyday and producing nothing, so your not alone in that mindset – accomplishment is stretching it ! Granted that Prelude was produced, however most of the real talent from that has long moved on, and your contribution was probably more figurehead and panhandling than actual creative talent!
      As the playtime game scenario of yours, that’s been the problem of yours from the beginning, to much immaturity and not enough business smarts .. Like mom used to say: “It’s time to grow up”!
      Can’t wait to see those completed sets – right !

      1. I think I’ve finally figured out the problem, Tony: you are a deflector screen for facts. The truth comes at you like a photon torpedo, and you deflect the energy before it can reach your ears.

        And here’s a perfect example. Alec just said, “…the sets were nearly complete, not ‘half completed’…” That’s a pretty clear and concise statement of fact. And in fact, looking at the sets here…

        …they look about 85% complete (especially considering that they started as pieces of uncut wood).

        But then you say, “… since those sets are all finished out, polished and ready for production…”

        In what universe is that even close to what Alec said? But I understand you much better now, Tony! You can’t win the argument that you’re trying to make that the sets are “half complete” if they’re way past that marker at 85% complete or more. So in order for you to win this argument, you have to CHANGE what Alec said about them being “nearly complete” to them being “finished and ready for production.” And somehow–and only in your own mind–if Alec cannot prove that the sets are ready to shoot on today, he is somehow lying, wrong, and you win the argument.

        And then later on, in addition to all the same old tropes, you add in a fresh, new claim: “…and your contribution was probably more figurehead and panhandling than actual creative talent!” We all know THAT one’s not true! Alec spent years writing the Prelude script, polishing it, working with other writers and actors like David Gerrold and Richard Hatch. When the time came, it wasn’t simply that Richard Hatch called his actor friends and said, “Hey, drop whatever you’re doing and come act in this fan film!” Alec closed all of those deals. He brought in Christian Gossett, Rob Burnett, Tobias Richter, Tommy Kraft, Alex Bornstein, and so many others. He got the marketing word out to fund Prelude to the tune of $101,000 at a time when most fan film crowd-funding was failing. In fact, at the time, only Star Trek: Renegades had ever made more in a Kickstarter.

        And Alec was able to gain not only donors but loyal supporters who followed him on Facebook, Twitter, and the Axanar website. They would cheer for Prelude at conventions and come to the Axanar table. I know; I manned some of those tables…and Alec was always there. Prelude was not an accident, and it wasn’t that everyone EXCEPT Alec had talent. Alec was not only a part of the success of that production, he was the driving force behind it. Was his acting performance of Garth Oscar-worthy? Hardly. But y’know what? Few fans who appear in fan films act much better. A few do, but most don’t. But Alec’s dream was to play Garth, and he did. How dare anyone fault him for that?

        I already regret even engaging you at all. But I just wanted people to understand that the problem has never been Alec Peters in all the things you say about him. The problem is that, in order to try to win the argument, you pathologically and sneakily need to change the truth into something else that can let you win. So it’s like everyone else is bowling, and then you suddenly say, “No, we’re playing golf…and the lowest score wins. And that means I win!”

        Of course, that’s not the way arguments really work, Anthony, and most people know that. So when you try to take my last sentence and twist it into something I never said, I just want people to watch the phenomenon in action…as it really is fascinating once you know what to look for. It’s like watching the magician actually hide the card up his sleeve.

        I invite others to link to this response or just copy-paste it. The more people who know the magician’s trick, the less likely it will work in the future.

        1. Those posted photos are almost one year old now, I’m talking about the current state of the sets –
          There’s still a vast amount of work to be performed on those sets before production could begin, not mention the amount of financing required to complete them, which now is non-existent !
          So basically by claiming these are the current state of the sets, nothing has moved one inch closer to completion for almost a year – exactly what I thought!

          1. And there, folks, you see the trick in action. Tony has now changed what he was “talking about” and no longer acknowledges that he even said “half-completed.” Now he’s talking about the sets in their “current state”…totally different topic and group of facts to avoid losing the previous argument to Alec.

            It’s fascinating to actually watch the magician hide the card up his sleeve…especially when you know what to look for! Thanks for demonstrating exactly what I was saying, Anthony. I hope the Axanar supporters share not only my previous comment but your response to it because I couldn’t have provided a better example of the fact defector shield twisting the truth “in action” if I’d tried.

        2. Just curious if they were that close to being completely why not just finish them? And rent them out while the trial was going. Why not have at least 100% sets to show donors?

          1. My guess is the moment W&S got retained and they advised halting production, that included work on the sets. If you go through the Captain’s Logs, you’d see that progress on the bridge set ends right around the same time they get retained.

    2. Hey Alec,

      I find it funny you say a couple of things here.
      One being: “leave it to those of us who actually do something in the world to decide how to make things work”

      Are you trying to say you actually do something? Do you count lying as doing something? Because otherwise please tell me what you “do” because frankly, I’ve seen you do nothing.

      Second: “And Axanar will be filmed both in Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Again, let people who actually know what they are doing worry about it”

      Well, this one here is worse because you actually don’t know what you are doing. So this does not relate to you. If you did know what you were doing, you wouldn’t have argued for having the studio, only now to say that it was a bad idea to begin with (and please don’t say this didn’t happen. I’ve seen your posts).

      Jonathan – Will you even let this reply be published? Technically I’ve kept this clean of insults, so hopefully you do as I would be interested to see a reply.

        1. Actually, I see it more as making lemonade from lemons…but good lemonade. The next challenge, of course, is paying the rent on the new facility. Alec said it’s a quarter of what it was in Valencia, but that’s still greater than zero. When we finally have our next interview, I plan to ask Alec about plans to cover rent once the sets are relocated.

  5. Is it possible to do an article on what to be careful of when doing a fan film from crowd funding? What are the gotcha’s that one should look out for. I am getting close to starting a Kickstarter campaign for an animated Trek fan film and want to be sure that I don’t fall into the same traps.

  6. “since you are just one more anonymous troll that doesn’t have any actual accomplishments to justify a valid opinion”

    Mr. Lane?

    “as long as they follow the three rules–no direct insults of another person, no swearing, and no invoking my family in any negative way”

    1. Well, let’s see…

      – true. I mean, I know that Tony is Anthony Shuh, but he chooses not to identify himself as such.

      “Troll” – well, that one is kinda true, as it happens. According to Wikipedia: “a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion, often for the troll’s amusement.”

      I think Anthony qualifies for that term, to be honest. It’s not like calling Alec Peters incompetent or a con-man. Those are subjective allegations of wrongdoing/ineptitude. But Tony does what I like to call “drive-by” posts that do seem to be intended to upset people and start arguments by being inflammatory.

      So on “troll,” there’s no warning. It’s accurate, in my opinion.

      “doesn’t have any actual accomplishments” –
      that one’s close to a warning, as it’s an unfounded allegation. We actually don’t know whether Tony has accomplished anything. However, Tony’s recent posts likewise diminish Alec’s accomplishments by saying he was simply a “panhandler” and not a “creative talent.” I have to allow for a little flexibility in my dispensing of warnings or else I’m just gonna end up over-censoring.

      “…to justify a valid opinion”
      – That’s not a direct name-calling kind of insult. So that doesn’t count either.

      And now I need to go shower (just exercised) and get my car washed. Busy afternoon!

      1. Wiki anything is “NOT” a valid source in anything or discussion with value. How about using a valid Dictionary site?

        Other than that the rest of the refutation was pretty solid.

        1. Urban work instead?

          “TROLL – One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.”

  7. Why does Alec get away with belittling people and breaking your own rules with regards to respecting other people. One rule for Alec and a different set for everyone else.

  8. In addition, what’s the name calling Alec? Could you prove a point without looking like a jackass in front of the very people you need support from and the possible future donors who would like to join the Axanar team but see this mess. Lead by example. Is that what they say when you want people to follow you?

    1. Amen. He proves with every post how abusive he is. I’ve seen him say things like this to donors. You’ll get no more of my money, sir.

  9. Thank you for responding.

    Mr. Lane,

    Would you mind if I asked you some questions here in this thread about Star Trek fans?

    Your fellow Star Trek fan.

  10. Jonathan, the studio set is beautiful! Your article, as usual, very informative. I also think it is awesome that not only donors and loyal fans love and follow Alec on social network; it seems, some have an opportunity to be a volunteer in this Atlanta relocation (an opportunity to be part of the film industry).

    1. Apparently, the outpouring of eager volunteers to help Alec has been staggering. He called me earlier today to ask why I thought there were so many more volunteers in Atlanta than there ever were in L.A. I said that L.A. has more distractions and the Atlanta fans are in a downtime between shooting seasons of “The Walking Dead” and hoping to be hired to be a zombie extra!

      Just kidding! I have no idea why Atlanta has jumped to the aid of Axanar and Alec…but it has REALLY lifted his spirits during this bittersweet week when he has to say good-bye to Hollywood. But hey, movin’ on is a chance that you take any time you try to stay…together. Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohhhhhh.

      1. Atlanta, Georgia perhaps a tourist town, major movies filmed there, fan film industry…
        Alec’ fans apparently spread out all over the US–must be. Wouldn’t that be neat to visit Axanar new home and then all the sudden you’re hired to be a zombie extra for a movie. lol 🙂

        1. One of my best friends is from Atlanta (and he’s a direct descendant of Benjamin Franklin’s brother–just thought I’d mention that). 🙂

          I’ve been to Atlanta many times (once during a tornado warning!), and I love that city. I joked to Alec that he’s gonna have to switch the Axanar menu from sushi to BBQ because of this:

          Best BBQ in the country, in my overfed opinion! And that’s when Alec told me he’s not that crazy about BBQ…and I’ve now lost all respect for him. 🙂

        2. A what time during your fantasy do you wake up ?
          Susanna, you need to “beam yourself” to Atlanta and wait for your big call – ha ha

  11. Will anything I say will used against me in the court of public opinion?

    That is a fair question. I had not considered that it might do so but I guess it is a fair question to ask. I mean if either of us found the conversation going sideways or something we could mutually decide to end it, right?

    🙂 Sayyy. Were you just kidding me. 🙂

    1. ” Sayyy. Were you just kidding me. ”

      A little.

      Feel free to ask me anything you’d like. If I decide to pass, so be it. But it might be a few days until I get to it. I’ve got two HUGE interviews to prep for on Thursday. Plus, in about a half hour, I’m posting an interview with Alec Peters himself. That’s gonna produce a lot of comments, I’m sure. And then, over the weekend, I’ll be helping to pack up Axanar stuff from Industry Studios. So please don’t take a delay personally, TYGR.

      1. I have a question. Facebook site like CBS/Paramount v. Alec Peters. Here’s a thought, why do CBS allow a Facebook group to use their legal caption (nothing to do with the case) but is used to character assassinate Alec? (I’ve read few of the posts, the positive ones but the rest I wouldn’t have time to read any if all of it…). It’s misleading.

        1. The FB pages doesn’t claim to represent the opinions of CBS or Paramount and isn’t using their respective logos. Sure, the studios could try to shut them down, but it’s almost not worth it for a group of just 1,243 members. Lawyers don’t work for free…except in Alec’s case. 🙂

        2. Susanna. with your past “red herring, moving the goal post thing”, which made absolutely no sense – you just topped that with the CBS allowing a Facebook group to assassinate Alec !
          Keep that genius mind work going !

  12. Its always the same with the detractors..
    Change the goalposts of an argument to suit their narrative.

    so Alec apparently doesn’t do anything and has his hand out.
    thats so laughable because not only has this man proved that he can do alot
    every time these so called “moral keyboard warrriors” all come out and attack him, try and pubically ruin this man and poison his dream all because they do not like him, THATS all.
    its not even about the copyright or lawsuit anymore. IT is a personal vendetta

      1. Yup!!! They’ll chase him around the moons of Nibia and around perdition’s flame before they give him up. I think I may have forgotten a location that they chased him by, but you get the idea, Jonathan.

    1. B4 Love, it’s phrase is actually “moving the goalposts”, not “changing the goalposts” – if your attempting to be clever at least get it right …
      As for Alec having his hand out and not doing anything, something’s are so obvious they really don’t need a come back !
      It’s absolutely offensive to suggest that the labeled “haters” had anything to do with ruining Alec’s dreams or reputation, he’s done more than a proficient job of that on his own !

      1. 4 Love, it’s phrase is actually “moving the goalposts”, not “changing the goalposts” – if your attempting to be clever at least get it right …

        Well, in that case, Tony, it’s “you’re” and not “your.” At least get it right. 🙂

        1. Thank you Jonathan for clearing up that “your” thing, I was losing a lot of sleep over that grammar issue ..

          1. Mama is always right.

            Though here’s my one cent:

            Certainly there’s a difference of the lexical items “your” and “you’re.” If this really was a grammatical problem, there would be evidence beyond the occasional confusion in writing. However, “if you’re (contraction of a verb/pronoun) attempting to be clever…” wherein the verb get moved before the subject, becomes: “Are you attempting to be clever”? (No evidence of confusion). Therefore, “if your attempting to be clever at least get it right” (the word “your” is a misspelling).

            Jonathan, if you want, you can add this to next Friday quiz too… 🙂

          2. “If this really was a grammatical problem…”

            If this really WERE a grammatical problem… Use the conditional tense of the verb “to be” in a hypothetical situation: “were” and not “was”.

            Yeah, I’m a smart-ass. 🙂

      2. FYI, logical fallacies has a flaw in reasoning. They’re tricks or illusions of thought, and they’re often used by media to fool stupid people. [ancient logic]

        The metaphor “moving the goalposts” is correct term; however, is irrelevant because the argument is actually a “red herring.” Moving the goalposts is an informal logical fallacy argument in which evidence presented in response to a specific claim is dismissed and there is no evidence presented here by the speaker…. Red herring is formal logical fallacy wherein a speaker is trying to distract the audience by arguing some new topic or going off the topic…

          1. Lol…. Grammar Jonathan, there are some that may think that when a word is spelled correctly but used incorrectly that it is a spelling mistake. However, that is not the case. Whenever a person intends to use a certain word but ends up using a different one through a spelling mishap, then that becomes a grammar mistake.
            Nice try though !

          2. Okay, I just asked my mom, who has been teaching reading, writing, and phonics skills for 54 years (and still tutors about 20 kids each week) whether it was a spelling error or a grammar one. She said, “Both.”

            Here’s the rest of her answer. “It’s a chicken-and the egg situation. Obviously, the word is spelled incorrectly, but it’s also used incorrectly. ‘Your’ is a possessive pronoun and ‘you’re’ is a verb contraction of ‘you are.’ So in that sense, your friend used the wrong part of speech. But did he do it because he mixed up the two spellings? If so, then it’s a grammar mistake. But if he simply misspelled ‘you’re’ as ‘your’ because he wasn’t paying attention, then it’s a spelling mistake. But really, it doesn’t matter what KIND of mistake it was, only that it was improper usage and something that should be corrected if he was writing something for publication or editing someone else.” (I just typed that really fast as she answered over the phone.)

            And then Mom brought it all home with one final question: “And why is this so important?” 🙂

  13. “Feel free to ask me anything you’d like. If I decide to pass, so be it. But it might be a few days until I get to it. I’ve got two HUGE interviews to prep for on Thursday. Plus, in about a half hour, I’m posting an interview with Alec Peters himself. That’s gonna produce a lot of comments, I’m sure. And then, over the weekend, I’ll be helping to pack up Axanar stuff from Industry Studios.”

    😆 I do not desire to add even the tiniest bit more to that heavy schedule. Let’s agree to this being a conversation for another time.

    “So please don’t take a delay personally, TYGR.”

    I do appreciate you mentioning that.

    Your fellow Star Trek fan.

  14. Haters out there already planning to call the new landlord and harass him over Axanar. Get a life people! Fine there’s a lot of questions that need to be answered, but the case is settled. Time to let it go and move on with your life. Haters will not be happy till Axanar is some landfill and Alec Peters is homeless.

    1. Yeah, that move by Carlos trying to contact Alec’s new landlord and/or his real estate broker exploded on Facebook a couple of days ago. To Carlos’ credit, he answered every question civilly. But I think the damage to Carlos’ reputation among those still sitting on the fence has now been done. It’s hard to walk back something like that.

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