Well, it’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks for news about AXANAR, as literally every other blog entry I’ve posted over the past 12 days has involved that particular fan production in some way.  So heck, let’s keep the momentum going for one more day!

But seriously, folks, there’s an interesting bit of news about Axanar coming from Atlanta…but NOT from the new studio in Lawrenceville.  Instead, it happened during a panel yesterday at Treklanta, a small but well-attended annual Star Trek convention in the Atlanta area.  And the panel featured J.G. Hertzler, who famously played General Martok on Deep Space Nine (along with a few other Trek roles).  But his most recent Trek-related appearance came playing the character of Samuel Travis in the fan film Prelude to Axanar.

After Tony Todd’s public announcement that he had chosen to part ways with Axanar and not appear in the feature fan film after his mesmerizing performance as Admiral Marcus Ramirez in Prelude to Axanar, some were wondering if any of the cast and crew would be sticking with ALEC PETERS to continue their participation.  The late RICHARD HATCH was always very supportive of the project and of Alec himself, but with Richard’s recent passing, fans wondered if any of the former cast members would be making a return for the 2-part sequel allowed by the settlement.

Now, I knew that J.G. Hertzler and Gary Graham were both interested in reprising their roles, as I spoke with both last summer in Las Vegas.  But I’m just one blogger-guy, and those weren’t on-the-record interviews, just casual conversations at their tables in the autograph room.

But now, we’ve got the first public indication that at least one of those actors is still very much supportive of both the project and of Alec Peters himself.  Yesterday, J.G. Hertzler took time during his panel discussion to specifically address this beleaguered fan film…

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  1. I want everyone to try to answer this question here?, in the rules that cbs and paramount studio want you to use those rules. Is there in the rules show anything about the internet fan films for everyone to see and view or download them. If not they should not push you to use the rules that is only for tv and films and not the internet. As for star trek films from tv in the 1966s to 1968 they have no right’s of takeing it away from us. The shows is for everyone to use and learn from history he has put out. The people who is at CBS and Paramount should not listening to them.

    1. Once again, a reminder that this is NOT the same Kenny Smith who is producing “First Frontier.”

      And for THIS Kenny Smith, could you do me a favor please and read what you just wrote out loud? I think you’ll understand why I’m asking once you do it.

  2. J. G. is a voice of sanity and reason and I thus really appreciated his comments. He was spot on that 30 minutes is enough time for a great story if and only if there’s a great script. And given that we already have Prelude, we could wind up with a dynamite Axanar. I hope that comes to pass; I’ll be rooting for it to come to pass.

    1. Yeah, I listened to that podcast. But Gary was kinda non-committal about it. J.G.’s comments were much more openly supportive of the project and his involvement. Obviously, none of them knows yet if they will be in it for sure, as there isn’t a script yet…although I can’t imagine Alec won’t want them to appear! 🙂

      1. I’m sure with Discovery being produced by CBS right now that Gary Graham is reluctant to get attached to to any new Axanar material! Afterall, his character Soval actually has a fair chance of appearing in this new series, so why would he screw that up by appearing in a junior fan film, that is assuming it ever gets produced !
        As for the remaining Prelude characters, I’m sure Alec would crawl on his knees from California to Atlanta to have them on board, but without money (most people require money to live on) I’m sure they’ll run away from him like he has the plague !
        In realtime the chances of Axanar ever coming into formation seems to dim more everyday !

  3. Good to know they still have some of the original actors on board this project – It’s actually comforting really… P 🙂

  4. Jonathan,

    I’m honestly dissatisfied with your efforts.
    I’ve read all your post on Small Access, I’ve read this blog, and your questions to the fans and your efforts to reform the Fan Guidelines.
    I’ve watched with intense interest and hope that these efforts would reap some sort of benefit. Yet after the conclusion of the law suit nothing beneficial has developed and the movement has stalled.

    I have to ask: What was the strategy? The Project Small Access Groups numbers have never risen much over the original 1,200. In fact you’ve lost 2 more members. I should know. I followed those numbers extremely closely right from the beginning. I personally promoted it’s address on yahoo an myriad other forums and networks because it was easy to see the possibilities of such a unified Trek Movement. You could say I had delusions of Grandeur. But the Letter writing campaign failed, likely due to insufficient numbers. Then the Axanar Lawsuit was settled. Once that happen it was clear that things were now winding down. Perhaps we’ve missed our opportunity but I don’t think so. Or perhaps I’m just not that quick to give up.
    But the Fan driven campaign has failed.

    I tend to speak bluntly and harshly at times but I am your ally. There is still good to be done for Trek and I believe you have the greatest ability to make that happen. You have Access to Alec Peters, JG Hetzler and others. Yes, things are complicated, I understand that but there is a path not taken here and I think it’s an obvious one. I don’t expect you to show your hand publicly but the question has to be asked publicly.

    Why haven’t we asked for the help of Trek’s alumni? We are the Trekkies and they are the Trekkers.
    They all have a collective stake and their voices could unit the fans in ways none other could.
    Isn’t it time or do we have to wait for another precipitous fall of Trek to start the climb out of this abysmal hole?

    1. The alumni, as Gary Graham said in a recent podcast interview, are just actors. And they tend to work for and get paid by the studios…more than they would EVER make doing a fan film (even if fan films were allowed to pay them). Even my interview with Ira Behr was conducted knowing that I wasn’t going to find a new ally to help us storm the castle. And Ira didn’t surprise me. Yes, he agreed with us, but he didn’t offer to sign up to help…and I never expected him to. He needs to remain on the good side of CBS.

      I’ve spoken to a few of the celebs about Small Access, and while they wish us well (many would love to do more Trek fan films), they’re not about to put their acting careers at risk by joining a group that’s trying to be a pain in the ass to CBS.

      That’s just the reality of the situation. Small Access is, unfortunately, small…and I can only play the hand I’ve been dealt. We’ve given it a try, and we’ve got maybe one more time up at bat. But without the numbers, we’re at a severe disadvantage…and the Trek alumni are not about to jump on board such a small ship. If we were a movement, maybe. But at 1,3000 people, it just ain’t gonna happen.

      I’m going to address the issue of size in an upcoming blog. I just need to wait until we figure out what will be happening with the writers strike.

      1. I surmised as much.
        Still to date I’ve seen no special effort to increase Small Access awareness or presence, on YouTube or forums. A progressive goal and campaign could substantially increase the Small Access Numbers. Rather than look at our numbers as insufficient perhaps look at the numbers as the ton of advertisers and marketers. Many have already begun. We need flash and panache. A catch phrase could easily set the internet on fire and in truth nothing is for sure to work but I believe perseverance is crucial if we are to coincide with the right time to make a move. Then maybe someone those actors will have the courage to speak up especially ones that have nothing to lose.

        1. “A catch phrase could easily set the internet on fire…”

          You make it sound so simple!

          Any ideas what that catch phrase should be, Michaeux?

          1. How about “Trek Fan Films for Trek-fans alike, that’s what we’re all about!!!” What d’ya think, too cheesy?… P

          2. What about “Trek-fan films to the final frontier!!”? That could definitely fit on a bumper sticker, and it’s really saying something at the same time… P 😉

    2. Michaeux, you can now be let in on the secret letter attack campaign which has been formulated to bring CBS and Paramount Pictures to their knees! There’s no denying that this action is very severe and will result in extreme hardship for the studio heads, however as you have made clear, it’s time to take action ! So here it is in all it’s cruelty! Another massive attack of the letter campaign, ONLY this time instead of the Studios getting barrage attack, everything is going directly to Santa Claus at the North Pole ! We’ll see how all those high profile studio heads will like having coal in their stockings and no Christmas gifts until the guidelines are loosened up or eliminated ! With the support of at least 3% of the SMALL ACCESS group, there’s no Hollywood studio immune from the letters to Santa!

  5. I found J.G. Hertzler’s comments to be accurate and uplifting concerning Axanar’s and Alec Peters’ goals. Watching him perform in ‘Prelude To Axanar’. it was clear to me he found the role, the production attempt and the story Peters wanted to tell to be an amazing opportunity he could not pass up. J.G. has always been candid about his participation in the fan backed project and believed in it after having met Alec and the crew and having seen the level of production Peters intended to bring to his story telling. I truly hope the fans who supported the project from the beginning and who saw the potential this particular project brought to fan films and the Trek legacy will get a final product we can all be proud of despite the narrowly focused and unbending views of corporate executives.

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