ALEC PETERS talks about AXACON, the latest AXANAR financials, and the bridge set! (interview, part 2)

Yesterday, I published part 1 of an interview with ALEC PETERS, executive producer of AXANAR, discussing, among other things, the financial update he just posted last week (you can read it here.)

Axanar had a net loss of $150K overall, funds covered personally by Alec, as they exceeded the $1.2 million raised from the various crowd-funders.  In 2017 alone, expenses for Axanar Productions totaled just over $35K, of which approximately $26K was paid to cover final legal expenses for items not included in the pro bono agreement with law firm Winston & Strawn.

Although Axanar Productions never completed its filings for 501(c)(3) status in California, there is currently some consideration of trying to make OWC Studios into a tax-exempt charity, considering the work they’re doing with film education in the local Georgia school districts.

Alec and I went on to discuss work being done towards the completion of the USS Ares bridge by a team of volunteers, along with future intended uses for the set and studio.  And then we began talking about the upcoming Axacon event scheduled for November 2-4 (order your tickets here!) when Alec dropped a bombshell that he expects to LOSE $5,000 on Axacon.  Rather than being a profitable endeavor and helping to fund production of the final two Axanar fan films, this convention is going to cost Alec quite a pretty penny!

And that’s where we pick up our interview, already in progress…

JONATHAN – You’re gonna LOSE five grand on Axacon???

ALEC – Probably about that, yeah.  I mean, even if we have 100 fans, that’s only $2,500 in admissions, and I’ve got a fly in both J.G. Hertzler and Gary Graham….as well as a couple others!

JONATHAN – That’s a lot of dough!  And if you’re only expecting a hundred people, out of tens of thousands of Axanar fans and supporters, then why bother spending money on an Axacon at all?  Why not save the $5,000 to put toward the production?

ALEC – Because I want an event to celebrate Axanar and help kick off a new phase in our history.  The value of all the positive energy we will create, and all the content we will create, is significant.

JONATHAN – Content?


JONATHAN – Well, no pressure on me, then!  [I’m one of the panel hosts, folks.  Alec has me moderating SEVEN different panels and appearing on a couple more!  – Jonathan]  When will you be sharing the final schedule of events and panels for Axacon?

ALEC – Later this week.

JONATHAN – Oh, goodie…another blog for Fan Film Factor!  So you’re planning to film the panels and then put them up on YouTube?

ALEC – Not sure of the plan yet.  First, let’s get everything on video.

JONATHAN – So you’re not bothered by Axacon losing so much money?

ALEC – Hey, it’s my money, so no one can complain.  I’ve already put in six-figures of my own money into covering expenses.  I’m willing to put in another five thousand to make this fantastic event we can share with our supporters…even ones who can’t make it there in person.

JONATHAN – Recently, you’ve mentioned an intention to have one or both of the remaining Axanar films ready for next summer’s San Diego Comic Con, and that fans should also plan to come to the annual Creation Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas for some Axanar something-something.

Is this a firm commitment to a release date, and if so, how can you be so confident when you haven’t had your big planning meetings yet?

ALEC – No, we have no firm plans for a release, but it would be nice if we could get it done by next summer for both those events.

JONATHAN – And finally, I’ve just gotta ask you: how’s the coffee business coming along?  According to Carlos Pedraza, that’s the big new Axanar “scandal” (so much so, Carlos wrote a one thousand word blog about all of the connections between you and that coffee shop!).

ALEC – Carlos who?  Oh, THAT Carlos.  Yeah, he really seems to be desperate lately to try to keep himself relevant for the 65-or-so people who still post anything negative about Axanar and me onto Facebook on a regular basis.  I think that’s pretty funny, actually.  When there’s only a few dozen people left who give a crap about what you have to say, it might be time to give up the “holy crusade.”  But I just don’t think Carlos has gotten the memo.

I’ve been told that lately Carlos has taken to covering a bunch of other random topics and trying desperately to find some way to link them to me and Axanar: the Dr. Seuss/Star Trek mash-up lawsuit, the Tardigrade/Discovery lawsuit, even a crowd-funding campaign for a Star Wars fan film out of Europe!  We’ve obviously got nothing to do with any of those things.

The four owners (and corporation officers) of THE FEDERAL Coffee House: TOM MAEGLIN, CRYSSTAL HUBBARD (treasurer), SOPHIA CRAWFORD (secretary), and CURTIS SHORT (president)

As for the coffee shop, Carlos is convinced there’s something shady going on just because a bunch of my friends and acquaintances have decided to invest in starting up a local coffee shop, Federal Coffeeclose by in Peachtree Corners.  Tell me honestly, what does that possibly have to do with Axanar or Star Trek…or even science fiction for that matter?  No, it’s just Carlos trying to find something, anything, to blog about to keep himself relevant.  He still clings to the fantasy that’s he’s some kind of journalist and not just a deranged, obsessed stalker.

JONATHAN – Why do you think Carlos can’t quit you?

ALEC – Carlos is all about believing in conspiracies.  I had someone contact me who actually ran into Carlos in a restaurant in Seattle.  They said Carlos started talking about how the moon landing was a hoax and other conspiracy theories.  And I think that explains why everything about Axanar is a conspiracy to Carlos.

JONATHAN – Well, that kinda sounds like “hearsay evidence,” Alec.  Did Carlos ever write or publish anything about that somewhere that I can cite it?

ALEC – Hey, I’m just relaying what I was told, which is what Carlos usually does…when he’s not outright lying about me.  So if he wants to go on Facebook or Axamonitor and say that he believes that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and ten other Americans did, in fact, walk on the moon’s surface, I invite him to do that.  If he doesn’t believe it’s true, then he can say that, too…and then he can have a lot of interesting discussions with people when First Man comes out in theaters in three weeks!

JONATHAN – Speaking of Carlos’–shall we say–unique perspectives on things, he just posted a blog claiming that Axacon is “pricey.”  Did you see that one?

ALEC – Really?  $25 is “pricey”?  No, I don’t go to his blog.  Waste of time.

JONATHAN – Well, according to Carlos, it’s not just $25.  There’s also the $50 for SphinxCon, bringing the total to $75 (although Carlos is including the online ticket processing fees, so he’s reporting it from $91 to $129, depending on how many bells and whistles someone chooses).

ALEC – Look, Jonathan, it is what it is.  SphinxCon alone is the majority of that ticket cost simply because they’re paying for the hotel facilities, and they’re only expecting a few hundred people.  It’s a small con with a very loyal and dedicated fan base.  And so is Axanar, by the way.  Neither convention is expecting a huge turnout, and so the ticket prices run a little higher simply to cover the base costs of having a place to hold the event for three days.

And we’re really not doing this because we expect a huge turnout. We’re doing this because Axanar (and Honor Harrington) are things that fans love and want to come together to talk about.  And if the $25 or $75 or $91 or $129 is too much for them to afford or they can’t make it to Atlanta, no worries.  We’ll be filming everything and posting it later on for our fans to see.  So there’s really nothing to complain about…even if Carlos thinks there is.  He’s always looking for something negative to write about for those 65 people who read his blog.

Oh, and the coffee shop is doing just great, thank you.  You should stop by while you’re here!

Do you carry Kharn Dark Roast?

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  1. I’m glad that the panels will be filmed! I’m not able to make the trip and was bummed that I’d miss out, so that’s an awesome bit of news!

  2. What does Axanar or Trek have to do with coffee??
    My friends, the dilithiam useto FEED the warp core is MADE OF COFFEE!!

  3. Well when the computer was invented in the UK BTW Who could foresee the social changes that it heralded. Rather like Henry Ford with the mass production of the motor car the unexpected consequence of which was that couples who previously only had their parents house to go “Courting” could now hop in a car and be 5 0r 10 miles away from home and more importantly had some privacy. No doubt this led to some hastily arranged marriages and a population blip. Now with computers and the Internet this has allowed people who really shouldn’t have one, the ability to voice their opinions without need for facts or favour. In the days of old you wanted to get your opinion out there you had to write a letter to a newspaper and hope what was contained was both credible interesting and grammatically correct. Alternately you published and handed out your own pamphlets a lot of work, literally cranking them out. Now any idiot can post a video. Recently there were a couple of boxing matches between some American and English Bloggers which netted them more money than most skilled boxers who have been training and honing their craft for years My son is addicted to Vloggers giving their opinion about Marvel films and comics which means he doesn’t have to form any of his own. Now unlike a Blog such as this which actually interviews people has relevant if not to say inside information these are just people who have done the same as my son and watched the movies! Is it necessarily a good thing given the alternative is a form of censorship. Is it worth the price so that idiots who believe the earth is flat that 9/11 was a hoax that Princess Diana was assassinated that JFK was murdered by the FBI can speak out. Well my opinion is that it is however they expose themselves and indeed the rest of the human race to ridicule and answers the question about why an Alien race has never contacted us.

    1. Well, in fairness, I also write my fair share of opinionated editorials. Check out the one I just posted about the first SHORT TREKS mini-episode. I’ve got opinions, too, Glenn…LOTS of ’em. 🙂

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