AXACON 2019 happens THIS SUNDAY at NOON eastern time…online!

The first AXACON took place during at the beginning of November in 2018 and “piggybacked” an existing mini-convention in Atlanta called SphinxCon. Fans got to walk around the newly-unveiled USS Ares bridge set on Friday and then attend a series of live convention panels on Saturday and Sunday with folks like GARY GRAHAM, J.G. HERTZLER, DAVID GERROLD, PAUL JENKINS, and of course, ALEC PETERS. Most of those panels are now available for viewing online.

The Axacon 2018 weekend of events and panels ended up costing Alec about $5,000 out of his own pocket. But the goal was always to launch a new wave of crowd-funding…first to cover the monthly rent and expenses to house the bridge set in Ares Studios (through a Patreon campaign), and later to generate excitement and enthusiasm to encourage private donations to help fund the two AXANAR sequels (click here and then follow the instructions if you’d like to contribute…they’ve raised more than $41,000 so far!).

This year, Alec has already fronted the $75,000 cost of the first Axanar shoot at the beginning of October and the second shoot going on this weekend. So funds are tight, all monies are going into production, and holding another Axacon this year would be out of the question, right?

Well, as it turns out…

Axacon 2019 won’t be the same as Axacon 2018. There won’t be a public tour of the studio or a physical convention. But there will be live panels with guests…AND it’ll be free to attend! How is Alec Peters managing this? Simple: it’ll all be live-streaming on YouTube!

Axacon 2019 will take place beginning at noon Eastern Time on Sunday, December 8, lasting for four hours. All of the panels will be hosted live on the Ares Studios bridge set and available for viewing on the Axanar Youtube Channel.

The four-hour online event is capping off a weekend that will also feature the second Axanar film shoot. Significantly smaller in scope than the first 3-day shoot in October, this one will feature two Garth scenes: one a short clip of Garth on the bridge and one in his quarters looking at casualty reports. Sunday will include multiple behind-the-scenes interviews in the morning, leaving ample time for the panels during the afternoon.

The following is a schedule of the panels, their topics, and the guests…

Time: 12:00 noon EST

Panel: Directing Axanar

Axanar director Paul Jenkins and his cast talk about the first Axanar shoot.

Participants: Paul Jenkins, Alec Peters, Raj Kala, Jamie Renell, Carrie-Anne Hunt

Moderator: Scott Conley

Time: 1:00 pm EST

Panel: Producing Axanar

Behind the scenes in producing the first Axanar shoot.

Participants: Scott Conley, Alec Peters, Chicago Chris, Crysstal Hubbard

Moderator: Paul Jenkins

Time: 2:00 pm EST

Panel: The Crew of the USS Ares Speaks!

What it is like to serve aboard the USS Ares?

Participants: Jamie Renell, Aaron Romano, Briana Lamb, Vince Canlas, Carrie-Anne Hunt

Moderator: Alec Peters

Alec Peters with Linda Alexander, Steve Ihnat’s biographer, and Sally Marshall, Steve widow, at Axacon 2018

Time: 3:00 pm EST

Panel: Steve Ihnat’s Legacy

An intimate look at the actor who made Garth of Izar come to life in the 3rd season TOS episode “Whom Gods Destroy” with his biographer, Linda Alexander, and his widow, Sally Marshall.

Participants: Sally Marshall, Linda Alexander

Moderator: Alec Peters

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