INTERLUDE Confidential #18: The “McFly Edit”

Ready for some fan film FUN???

The RE-launch of INTERLUDE last Friday with new cast member TYLER DUNIVAN went amazingly smoothly. Already, after just four and a half days, there’s a total of nearly 48K views on YouTube (more than 40K on the AXANAR Channel and 7.5K on the AVALON UNIVERSE Channel—take your pick of which one you’d like to watch…again).

Fan reaction to Tyler’s performance as the chief engineer of the ill-fated U.S.S. Artemis is getting rave reviews. Personally, I’m really happy with this new version, and 97.5% of viewers are giving it a thumbs up! Who are the other 2.5%? Well, remember how 4 out of 5 dentists recommended sugarless gum for their patients who chew gum? Ever wonder about the fifth dentist? Obviously, you can’t please all the Trekkies all the time, but we sure are pleasing nearly all of ’em!

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you a quick video that will hopefully make you laugh. Y’see, Tyler Dunivan isn’t simply a great actor who takes his craft very seriously. Tyler is also a professional MICHAEL J. FOX impersonator…especially playing the character of Marty McFly from the Back to the Future movies. In fact, Tyler had the starring role in the absolute BEST Back to the Future fan film ever! (Check in out here.)

So when Tyler and JOSHUA IRWIN drove down to ARES STUDIOS in Georgia a couple of weeks ago to reshoot the engineering scenes for Interlude, I asked the guys if Tyler could do a “Marty McFly” version of the take…just for fun (because fan films are FUN films!). I didn’t know if we’d ever use it, but at least we’d have it, right?

Well, folks, it came out even better than I expected. There’s not much, but I cut together this 30-second vignette for your viewing pleasure. Thank you, Tyler!

Prepare to party like it’s 1985…

12 thoughts on “INTERLUDE Confidential #18: The “McFly Edit””

  1. Copyright infringement claims from AxAnon members for using the BTTF logo and theme in 5….4…3…

  2. I don’t care about the language but it sure did startle me maybe because I’ve never seen “Back to the Future”. Maybe that’s why it was not funny to me. And it did cause me to wish that you had put in a warning just in case someone does care.

    1. I think our society has gotten to the point where “son of a bitch” doesn’t require a warning label. As for “Back to the Future,” Jerry-Jerry-Jerry…that is one of the seminal films in the history of Time Travel movies…perhaps THE most seminal! It’s right up there with “The Terminator,” “Bill and Ted,” “12 Monkeys,” “The Final Countdown,” “Time After Time,” and of course, “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.” (I don’t include “Groundhog Day” in that list because, even though it’s kinda time-travel/looping, it’s not really considered sci-fi.)

      But seriously, Jerry, “Back to the Future” (at least the first one but really, all three) is a MUST SEE fan experience!

  3. I got to meet Tyler when he and Josh came to the studio to film the new Engineer scene, he is such a humble and funny guy! I really enjoyed chatting with him and getting to know him, I’ve been a big fan since seeing him in Avalon universe fan films. I think it was incredibly smart to bring him in and I hope to see more of him in future Axnar related films. Great job Jonathan!

    1. Josh gets the credit for tapping Tyler to play the engineer. I’d actually suggested that Josh himself might want to do it as a cameo…since Victoria was in it, too, as the Ares doctor. But Josh grabbed Tyler for the road trip, and the rest is history. 🙂

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