Guest blogger ERIC L. WATTS discusses having ALEC PETERS at Treklanta… (editorial)

Today, please welcome special Guest Blogger ERIC L. WATTS, Chairman of the annual TREKLANTA convention in Atlanta, GA and the organizer of the BJO Awards that honor the top Star Trek fan films each year.  Eric and Treklanta have been an important and integral part of theTrek fan film community for many years now—screening fan productions, featuring fan film panel discussions and guests, an generally giving support and validation to the genre.

Treklanta 2018 took place over the Memorial Day weekend and featured a couple of panels focusing on fan films.  Everything was going great until it was announced that ALEC PETERS of AXANAR would be taking part in these panels.  Then the shat hit the fans, and Eric was berated by angry e-mails and Facebook posts and even a phone call telling him how wrong he was for letting Alec Peters anywhere near his convention…let alone allowing Alec to be an announced guest on two panels.

The blowback both privately and on social media blasting Eric over Alec’s presence at Treklanta became so intense that I asked Eric if he’d like to comment on it here on Fan Film Factor in a blog I was preparing last week about the Bjo Awards.

Eric agreed, but his comment was so thorough and heartfelt that I decided it would be better to let it stand in its entirety as a separate guest blog.  My apologies to you and Eric for the delay in getting it posted (one week), but with two different crowd-funders ending, it’s been a very crowded seven days of blogs (and I was away in Santa Barbara over the weekend).

Anyway, here’s what Eric had to say about Alec Peters and panels at Treklanta…

Eric L. Watts

I am aware that Alec Peters’ presence at Treklanta has become an issue for some people, particularly those who donated to the Axanar project following the release of “Prelude” and feel they wasted their money, as well as many fan film creators who hold Mr. Peters personally responsible for the fan film guidelines issued by CBS following the settlement of the lawsuit brought against Mr. Peters and his team, guidelines which they feel have severely restricted or outright crippled their productions. He has become a lightning rod for controversy within Star Trek fandom and the object of online attacks unlike anything I’ve seen in my 40 years in fandom.

Many of these folks who previously supported and attended Treklanta now refuse to do so because of Mr. Peters’ presence at the convention, regardless of his membership status as either an announced guest or attending member. This saddens me a great deal, as I have worked very hard over the last eight years to make Treklanta a convention that all Star Trek fans would enjoy, and it’s troubling to me to know that certain people will not attend the convention simply because of one particular person who does.

Although I, personally, have my own concerns regarding the fan film guidelines and the future status, if any, of the Axanar project—which I have, in fact, had the opportunity to discuss with Mr. Peters—he has, in return, been nothing but entirely supportive of Treklanta and the Bjo Awards program (formerly the Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards) that I created to recognize excellence in achievement among Star Trek fan films. He has appeared at Treklanta as a guest of honor twice, in 2015 and 2016, mostly at his own expense, has promoted Treklanta in social media, and has encouraged the legion of Axanar fans and supporters to attend, many of whom actually have. Given his track record of support of the convention and the awards, I have absolutely no reason to tell Mr. Peters that he is unwelcome at Treklanta, regardless of what anyone else may think of him.

In early May, some fans and supporters of Axanar asked if they could get a fan table at this year’s Treklanta. I told them that if they followed the established and published policies governing fan tables, of course they could. They purchased their full-weekend memberships as required and purchased a fan table for a nominal fee, just like everybody else who wants a fan table. Then they asked me if it was okay for Mr. Peters to attend the convention, since they already had the fan table for Axanar. I said of course he could, as an attending member, just like everybody else. And then, Randy Landers—executive producer of the various Potemkin Pictures fan film series—asked me if Mr. Peters was attending the convention, and if so, would I add him to his fan film executives panel, which was already on the schedule. I told him yes and yes. Then the folks who purchased the fan table asked if they could do a panel about Axanar and again, I said yes, and since Mr. Peters was already doing one panel with Mr. Landers, there was no reason to not let him do one on Axanar, too. Because if Alec Peters is in the building, it would seem really odd to NOT have a panel discussion about Axanar on the schedule.

As soon as Mr. Peters’ name was added to the online programming schedule, I started reading the cries of outrage about it on Facebook. Then I received email about it. I even got a phone call from a notable figure in the fan film community, asking me—politely and respectfully—to reconsider. I listened, I heard, I thought about it, I considered my options. If I removed Mr. Peters from the programming schedule—refusing to allow someone who has been nothing but supportive of the convention to participate in programming—I would be capitulating to an angry mob carrying cyber torches and pitchforks who will not be satisfied until Mr. Peters is literally hanging by the neck from a tree. If I allowed him to remain on the programming schedule, I would be inviting those same people’s ire and scorn toward myself… something I did not particularly look forward to.

I weighed all the alternatives and finally decided that Mr. Peters, in spite of the acrimonious controversy surrounding him and the Axanar project, should not be removed from those two panels or disinvited from the convention. I knew I would receive flak for it—and already have—but I stand by my decision. If this decision causes Treklanta to lose support in the rabid anti-Axanar faction of Star Trek fandom… that’s sad, but so be it. Until and unless Mr. Peters commits some act or makes some statement that specifically and directly causes harm or injury to Treklanta, he is welcome to attend and participate in programming.

Let me be clear: I am not defending anything Alec Peters may or may not have done with regard to the proposed Axanar film project, the crowdfunding campaigns or the money that was raised, the planned studios in Los Angeles, any promised perks or anything else associated with Axanar. My decision on whether or not to allow Mr. Peters to participate in programming at Treklanta was based solely and exclusively on how he has treated me, personally, and my convention, over the last four years. I understand why so many people are upset with him, and I am not saying that their issues are not without merit. But those issues do not affect the planning, production and operation of this convention.

That said, I have to close by stating that I despise being dragged into the middle of this controversy. I despise being the target of attacks by people who do not know me. All I’ve ever wanted to do was to put on an event where Star Trek fans could come together and celebrate their mutual love of the Star Trek franchise and just have a good time. This matter with Mr. Peters and the Axanar project—which does not or at least SHOULD not affect me in the least—has made me want to reconsider any further involvement in the very fandom that I so dearly love.

Eric L. Watts
Chairman, Treklanta



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  1. The haters really don’t care about anyone. All they care for is to drag Alec into the sewers, any way they can. Their defacto leader has even stated that he will do everything in his power to chase Alec and will not rest until his is “brought to justice”, whatever that means. They will not rest, they will never let it go. They would rather see fandom and conventions burn than let Alec just get on with life. Their hate campaign toward Eric speaks volumes about their morals…. or lack thereof.

    They are not Star Trek fans. Real fans embrace IDIC and learn to forgive. These people are too full of hate and loathing to ever be considered Star Trek fans. They are cyber bullies pure and simple. I applaud Eric for not giving into them. All that would do is legitimise their actions.

    1. I hate to say it, but Alec Peters really isn’t THAT important. I mean, he’s important to me and other fans of Axanar, but not as far as the rest of the world is concerned. Alec who?

      But the detractors need to make Alec into something important, and his alleged “crime” into something bigly scandalous! And why? Simple. If Alec is important, then the detractors feel important. They’re doing the Lord’s work (or some such) in chasing him round the moons of Nibia and round the Antares Maelstrom and round Perdition’s flame. The more important Alec is, the more heinous his transgressions, the more the detractors are energized in their holy crusade.

      But in the end, Alec is just a guy who made a fan film (a pretty good one, with a lot of help), raised money to make another, made some good decisions and some bad ones, got sued, fought, settled, and now gets to make two more 15-minute fan films. That’s it.

      In terms of proportional “punishment”–if punishment is even warranted–the detractors are so far over the top as to be almost a caricature of themselves. As this point, whatever Alec Peters may or may not have done wrong, the detractors have done far worse if only in terms of quantity (two and a half years and counting!) if not quality of their “revenge.” Their memes, their FB groups and blogs, their attempts to spy and sabotage and trap…it’s almost comical if it weren’t so mean-spirited. Any “nobility” they try to claim was flushed down the toilet into the sewers a loooooong time ago. They’re about as noble as elephant turd that thinks it’s still part of an elephant.

      The detractors won’t understand anything I’ve just said, of course. It’s far over their ability to grasp. But the rest of us fans know and understand.

      And the rest of the world in general, well, they just don’t give a elephant’s ass about any of us. 🙂

      1. I don’t need to. Jonathan knows exactly what I referenced to there. It was after all in one of his editorials and was a direct quote from the source. Although I added the ” ” as I was unsure of the exact wording, but the meaning was exactly as it reads in my comment. If my comment were spurious by nature, Jonathan would not have left it unchallenged.

        1. The second one says “You should cite a source for an inflammatory statement” and the reply is “I don’t have to” you have said more about you than I could say about me.

  2. Well said.
    The entire business with the lawsuit struck a heavy blow to fandom in general, and fanfilm makers in particular.
    Out of fear, several fanfilm groups simply closed shop. A few adapted and a couple new ones sprang up.
    People became scared and angry and looked for someone to lay the blame on.

    I cannot speak to Alec’s handling of the lawsuit or the money. As we used to say in the Army, “Not my echelon”, which means that I (and especially those who blame Alec) were not put in the position to have to make the decisions he did at the time. I am pretty sure Alec would have rather made Axanar as promised rather than deal with a year long lawsuit.

    I will say that Alec and Axanar took the multi-milllion dollar photon torpedo barrage that could have been used to completely destroy Trek fanfilms, one group at a time, had CBS/P put their minds to it; simply because none of them had the connections and access to the resources that Alec did.

  3. I set up and ran the Axanar table at Treklanta on Saturday and had a wonderful time at Treklanta, as I have each of the four years that I have attended. Since I was not able to attend the Fan Film panel, I was delighted to see the released video of it. Thank you, Eric for having the courage to do the right thing and welcome all, who wish to be civil, to this great event.

    On a lighter note, I will always cherish your comment about my “starter” beard. 😉

  4. I personally have never been to Treklanta, I only heard about it via Alec and Axanar and it’s fans. Hopefully I will be able to attend next year. Reading that a 40 year Star trek fan, who puts on a convention solely for his love of a series, is thinking of stopping because people are upset over 1 single attendee(or guest), makes me wonder what the heck that 1 segment of the series want the fandoms lasting legacy to be.

    It would be comical in nature if it wasn’t so over the top, where they lash out at anyone who shows Alec any kind of support, whether they worked on Axanar, donated to it or simply loved it when they watched it.

    The only thing I can equate this to is Rodney Dangerfield’s line in Caddyshack, when he sees Judge Smalls nephew and remarks “good boy, nice boy, now I know why tigers eat their young”.

    I have heard detractors say things like “I don’t want Alec anywhere near MY FANDOM”. They fail to realize a lot of them are younger than people like myself….and I don’t want them around MY FANDOM. They need to go back to the kiddie table, and let the adults like myself and Eric Watt’s (who watched Trek before syndication) handle things.

    1. “It would be comical in nature if it wasn’t so over the top, where they lash out at anyone who shows Alec any kind of support, whether they worked on Axanar, donated to it or simply loved it when they watched it.”

      Correction, unless I’m mistaken, no behind the scenes talent on Prelude or the aborted feature film who worked in close quarters personally with Alec on a daily basis express any support for him. Only a few of the off site people like Tobias, who weren’t there to see what Alec is really like.

      J.G. and Gary Graham express support for the PROJECT because “Axanar” for them, both prior work or future appearances in the unlikely to be produced next installments, is about the fans, and how happy their work them, not loyalty to Alec. He’s more somebody they’d “put up” with working with again for the chance to delight their fans and give them something special, but have no particular love or loyalty for PERSONALLY. My hilarious Drunkversation with Gary Graham in Vegas reaffirmed this.

      1. “unless I’m mistaken”

        Well, that’s usually a given with you, Gabe. 🙂 But hey, let’s not just assume you’re wrong, let’s PROVE it, shall we?

        – – – – –

        There’s actually quite a lot of support for Alec from people who worked on Prelude, the Vulcan Scene, and just with Axanar Productions in general.

        Mark Edward Lewis will be editing the remaining two Axanar episodes. Bing Bailey with produce/DIT/Color. Dean Newbury spent months in close proximity to Alec getting that amazing bridge set built, and Dean’s still involved. And while Tobias is in Germany, he still worked extremely closely under Alec’s (and Rob’s) supervision for over a year, and he has only good things to say about Alec. Paul Jenkins worked closely with Alec for months doing rewrites to the last two scripts. You’d think if anything would bring out the worst in Alec and alienate a professional like Paul, that would have been it, right? Instead, Paul had glowing things to say about Alec in the interview I did with Paul last year here on Fan Film Factor.

        Other Axanar folks who are sticking around include Alex Bornstein (composer), Claude Dozière (costumer), Bill Watters (programmer who rescued Ares Digital from the S.S. McIntosh), Mike Bawden, Diana Kingsbury, Steven Jepson, and I suppose you could count me, as well. I’ve worked closely with Alec for nearly four years now, and he hasn’t managed to push me away yet. Come to think of it, his right-hand man Curtis (can’t remember his last name) from Propworx has been with Alec for a decade. Can we count him?

        As for the actors, your own “close friend” Richard Hatch, as you well know, was not simply a cheerleader for Axanar but was also a huge supporter and an even closer friend to Alec. Richard adored Alec, and it was evident every time I saw them together. There was a bond of mentor/teacher to student there but also of kindred spirits who knew they could accomplish great things together. Richard’s untimely passing was a huge blow felt by many but even more keenly by Alec himself.

        As for the other actors, I can’t verify your “drunk Gary Graham” story, but I can tell you that Gary had only nice things to say about his entire Axanar experience when I spoke with him in Las Vegas (before ever knowing that I knew Alec personally). We were just chatting at his table about a whole bunch of things. Granted, I doubt Gary would insult Alec publicly at a convention, but that’s one of the reasons I doubt your story, Gabe…as I doubt Gary would do that privately either (and if you yourself were drink/stoned, your own memory would be unreliable, I’d wager). If Gary’s willing to confirm on the record to me directly or publicly, I’d be happy to believe your story. Otherwise, I’ll just have to discount it as a self-serving drunken hallucination or an outright fabrication. I’ve spoken more extensively to J,.G., and he is totally fine with Alec. He supports Axanar in every way, not simply Axanar-but-I-could-do-without-Alec-Peters. As for Kate, I’ve never spoken with her directly.

        – – – – –

        And so, to sum up: YES, GABE, YOU ARE MISTAKEN…woefully so. In fact, it seems that the people who don’t want to continue working professionally with Alec Peters are the exceptions, while those that do are the rule.

        Sorry that you’re wrong so often, Gabe. I’m guessing that must feel very embarrassing for you after a while. Perhaps you might want to consider giving up grasping at so many straws. Couldn’t hurt…

        1. What is ironic is that everyone knows that Gabe, as well as being a proven stalker, is at the very least mentally unstable, and considered a pariah by most people who know him.

          And I don’t even need to waste my time address the ravings of a lunatic, because Jonathan you do it so well.

          1. I’d remind you that you’re not supposed to insult someone else directly, Alec, but I’ve deleted so many posts from Gabe over the past 24 hours that were completely disrespectful to you and others that I’m gonna give you a pass on this one.

            Honestly, folks, Gabe’s written me such a ridiculous amount of loooooooong posts (that have just been sent straight to trash) that I wonder how he has any time left to actually, y’know, work. It’s kinda like all those crank phone calls he used to make to Barney, but the barrage is typed comments with thinly-disguised fake names rather than anonymous phone messages with deep, raspy voices. Either way, so much time that could have been spent–oh, I don’t know–earning a living. If he is getting paid right now, I wonder if Gabe’s supervisors know how much of his billable hours are going to social media. That’s what I’d want to be paying MY employees to do!

          2. Again Alec trash-talks people. I don’t know this Gabe guy, but maybe people would react to you better if every single comment you made about people who criticize you is negative and dismissive. It seems that if someone criticizes you they must be stupid, a lunatic, have no life, or be a stalker.

            My advice is that you grow a thicker skin, learn how to accept criticism like an adult, or get off the Internet.

          3. “What is ironic is that everyone knows that Gabe, as well as being a proven stalker, is at the very least mentally unstable, and considered a pariah by most people who know him.”

            Alec, there you go gaslighting again (if you don’t know what it means, look it up).

            “Everyone that knows Gabe” means “Me, my girlfriend, and a few internet guys who take everything I say as gospal”.

            “Proven Stalker” means “I decided he’s one so it is so”.

            “Considered a pariah by most people who know him”. Well, Dean Newbury had to reschedule our lunch to next week, where he was gonna give me a prescious Galactica piece from Gary Hutzel’s estate. So maybe yer onto something. I’m glad you are so omniscient you know “everyone who knows me”.

            Dudebro, I’m stably employed at a Real Studio working on Real Feature Films, and have a beloved body of close friendships in many different communities.

            Your “stalker” narrative… stalkers go out of their way to be around those they are stalking. I had no desire to be in the same room with you at those public events. Your premise is over cellphone snaps of a public figure at a public event for a “blue polo” FB joke. Your #MeeToo stunt on me last year backfired andgot you on a security list at my employer.

            I’m also the first officer of the Los Angeles IFT west coast flagship, the U.S.S. Gene Roddenberry, blessed by the family to carry the name. So… SPLRRRRTTTT!

          4. “I wonder if Gabe’s supervisors know how much of his billable hours are going to social media. That’s what I’d want to be paying MY employees to do!”

            1. Yes, Jonathan, I get paid $55hr to produce nothing. Its called “I have three monitors, two hands, a multitaskable mind, and get more done in an hour than most people do in a day.” I had to turn down a big thing at Lion’s Gate today due to unavailability. I’m not sure what universe you picture where Below the Line talent can survive a week of Putting Out Nothing. I’ve created more Actual Screen Used Screen Time (on wide release big budget mainstream projects) than your homey has put out in 3 years.

            2. My supervisors know exactly how I spent my time and what I am getting done. Its why I’m on my third blockbuster film this year and have been talked to about how I can contribute to the upcoming development slate at Sony. Wanted to do more at Orville but the culture is different, my beloved vfx producer Natasha was fired over boys club politics and they gutted the entire in house previs team so being upwardly mobile, extremely capable, and ::gasp:: Extremely well liked by my coworkers, I Went and Did Better.

            3. There is a bit of irony in the idea that my work ethic and ability to produce is being questioned by a guy with no job who produces nothing and has no idea how the industry works (I still remember your post about “how much rental stages cost”. LOL you got your finger on the pulse of Hollywood), who is dear friends of a guy with no job who produces nothing and has no idea how the industry works.

            4. These comments of yours keep sounding like a desire to fire a torpedo at my career, like its a late night fantasy of yours watching me get my Just Deserts. Bad news, buckaroo. TWO people tried that on me at Fox last year. When I got called into the office they were like, “Its so weird, we got this big pile of like screen captures of posts and comments and letters about being rude to some guys on the internet and was presented like some nuclear stuff we would have any interest in reading, like they have some weird stalkery obsession with you. It has nothing to do with anti feminism, bigotry towards LGBTQ or people of color so its just nonsense that poses no liability and is a petty waste of our time. How can we get rid of this for you?” That was basically the same conversation both times. Basically, “being mean on facebook to Mediocre Upper Middle Aged White Men” isn’t exactly an actionable controvery. Do you wanna be #3, Jonny? You and Alec couldn’t get a hill of drier lint soaked in kerosine fired.

          5. “I had to turn down a big thing at Lion’s Gate today due to unavailability.”

            And yet you had the time to write this looooooooooooooooooong blog comment plus 14 others in the last two days. No wonder you’re unavailable, dude! Honestly, I’d think a normal Hollywood professional would take the Lion’s Gate job and leave the commenting on the tiny Trekkie blog till later. Or maybe, just maybe, I don’t know, just tossing this out there…fewer than 15 comments in two days? Maybe? Possibly?

            But I guess we all have our priorities. Keep up the great work, Gabe. The people who love you would be so proud of what you’re doing to keep yourself from getting too distracted by actual work.

          6. Mr. Lane, did you miss the fact that “unavailability” meant that I’m contracted elsewhere? That I said I was unavailable for a gig because I have remaining weeks in my contract that make me unavailable? And that by taking an impromptu gig, I would have to abandon my current feature film and leave a whole team high and dry which would ruin my rep? Because if that’s how you think I should Win Friends and Influence People, I am glad you find me as unsavory as I find you, sir.

          7. As my brother-in-law from New Jersey says, “I was just bustin’ yer chops.”

            But let me make my point a little more clearly and directly: I would very much appreciate it if you would stop submitting so many comments to this blog. You are costing me valuable time that, now that I am working, I really can’t afford anymore. You’re now up to 18 submitted comments in two and a half days. That’s abusing the privilege, Gabe. So I am asking you now, respectfully, to please limit your posted comments to this blog to no more than one or two per day.

        2. *Bing Bailey is out, he told me himself.

          I am having lunch with Dean tomorrow, he’s giving me one of the BSG Viper study models from Gary Hutzel’s estate since I built the CG one for the show. I get the feeling his devotion is more for the sentimental love of the lovely lumber he’s put together and a desire not to see it lost.

          Bill Watters and I have actually been chatting since the ICQ days of the 90s. I dunno how loyal he still is but last we chatted, we laughed about Alec’s greedy idea that instead of using BackerKit, he wanted a *completely ground up custom developed perk system*…because he didn’t like that Backerkit took fees out. Any way to get a few extra bucks off the Star Trek Brand, right? To be fair, Alec has the computer/tech savvy of a medieval farmer, so Terry should have immediately squashed that idea. So intead of a smooth perk program with existing software, Alec wasted two peoples time and had perks backed up like a drainpipe full of rat pubes.

          Is Curtis the guy that actually MOVED from LA to Not-Lanta to be close to Alec? That’s… weird.

          Yer right about Mark Edward Lewis, whom I am somewhat social with. When I asked him what was up with him still being devoted, he didn’t actually mention any personality traits of Alec’s, just about how many of his favorite fan films Alec helped him get in the door with.

          Shawn O was there for that chat with Gary and so was Vic. Shawn was only half-hammered and Vic was in good shape. Gary’s gonna be a company man about the whole thing and won’t tell you anything about that. And I think he strongly wants to retain some visibility and fanbase after his outspoken far right views have made it harder for him to find other work.

          I’d count you but… in terms of any screen used material, I don’t think you… actually did anything.

          What’s yer obsession with “stoned” anyway? I think when I once told you the natural green stuff has never resulted in a fatality from ingestion ever in the history of humanity, you sent me a Fake News link telling me I was “WRONG!” Next yer gonna tell me Scientology is “just a nice little religion with spaceships”… Seriously, *Actual Methamphetamines* are perscribed to millions of kids for ADHD and you won’t educate yourself about harmless herbal remedies. Stop that. A holy crapload of type 1 diabetics get amazing kidney pain relief from it and don’t like people like you talking about them like they’re heroin addicts.

          1. “*Bing Bailey is out, he told me himself.”

            Y’see, Gabe, this is why I don’t typically believe anything you tell me. You type out proclamations like this with such conviction and confidence that you probably think no one will bother checking to see if you’re telling the truth.

            So I decided to check. 🙂

            The following is a screen cap of a conversation with Bing Bailey that was sent to me by Alec a few hours ago…

            What I’m trying to figure out here, Gabe, is whether you are intentionally lying to all of us…or if there’s some kind of hallucination aspect to all of this. As I said a couple of weeks ago, this might not be entirely your fault. Granted, when I said it, I was implying simply that you might be an idiot and not know any better. But maybe–just maybe–you do imagine these conversations have actually happened and believe them to be reality. If so, you might want to have that checked.

            As for Curtis moving to Atlanta, what’s so weird about that? Propworx requires his physical presence; it’s not a job that can be done remotely. If your workplace relocates and you want to keep your job, you relocate, too. Did you stay in Bakersfield after getting hired to work on “The Orville” on the Fox lot? Of course not! You moved to West Los Angeles. Not weird at all…in fact, it’s one of the few things you’ve done recently that WASN’T weird! 🙂

            It’s nice to see that you’re at least acknowledging that Mark Edward Lewis, Bill Watters, and Dean Newbury (who all worked closely with Alec) are staying with Axanar Productions. I noticed you left out admitting to any of the other folks on the list: Alex Bornstein, Claude Dozière, Mike Bawden, Diana Kingsbury, and Steven Jepson. But the point is that you said:

            “…no behind the scenes talent on Prelude or the aborted feature film who worked in close quarters personally with Alec on a daily basis express any support for him. Only a few of the off site people like Tobias, who weren’t there to see what Alec is really like.”

            Each of those people I listed “worked in close quarters personally with Alec” and got “…to see what Alec is really like.” And yet, they’re all still working with him, supporting him, and not trash-talking him. And yeah, that includes me. No, I didn’t work on Prelude or the Vulcan scene, and I only provided script review for the last two Axanar films. But I’ve certainly worked closely with Alec on a number of tasks—perk processing, manning convention tables, volunteering at the studio, creating the executive summary on fan film history for the lawsuit, packing up the studio for the move to Georgia, and writing the Fan Film Friday blogs for the Axanar website. So I’d say I have a pretty good idea of “…what Alec is really like.” And I’m still around, too…just like all those others.

            So as usual, Gabe, you’re as correct as a broken clock…even less so, since a broken clock is right at least twice a day. And of course, a broken clock doesn’t lie in a desperate attempt to convince people that it isn’t lying. So if given the choice between you and a broken clock, I’d take the broken clock each and every time. Good day to you, sir!

        3. Can I add my 2c to this?

          As a graphic artist, I found nothing but welcome arms in the Axanar team. I have been encouraged to throw my opinion into the pot and as a result I feel valued as part of the crew. Not only that, Alec has gone out of his way to meet up and spend time with me when I travel over to Atlanta. He even collected me and took me to the new studio just so I could get a look at the set in person because I had missed the previous day’s party due to logistical issues. When I announced the loss of a beloved pet, Alec was right there, with words of support. Not even some of the my best friends noticed as quick as Alec did!
          Alec will always check with me on using a graphic for whatever purpose, and always make sure I get a credit for it. He will consult with me about other artwork to see if I know to whom it belongs before using it. If I don’t know and he cannot source the artist, it is not used.

          Does this sound like the person Gabe want’s you to think he is?
          Of course it doesn’t.
          Alec is just a passionate, life loving, life long Trek fan who set out to make a good fan film. Sure he made mistakes. Who doesn’t? No one. We all do.
          Is Alec perfect? No. But who is? Again, the answer is no one.

          Don’t take my word on this. Ask ANYONE who has worked or spent time with Alec. Ask them personally, don’t take someone else’s second hand statement.

          1. Drat! I completely forgot to include Alexander Richardson in my list! He’s doing the 2D graphics for the upcoming episodes…along with other Axanar graphic design. He doesn’t great work! The console buttons on the Ares bridge will all be his.

            Sorry to forget you, mate!

            As for Gabe, you might be wasting your time trying to convince him that people actually LIKE Alec Peters and ENJOY working with him. Gabe’s brain might not be large enough to incorporate that concept. And anyway, I think he’s locked on “send” and can’t change his setting to “receive” when it comes to information about Alec and Axanar.

          2. “Gabe’s brain might not be large enough to incorporate that concept.”


            ::puts coffee cup down from punching in complex math on a large scale fluid simulation, photo-realistically lighting it, doing the math for lens-undistortion/ camera matchmove, and final compositing it all, normally 4 people’s jobs::

            No. In terms of learning aptitude for both creative and STEM related subjects, I out-horsepower you by a decently measurable margin. Genius comes with a little crazy. 🙂

  5. You know, when one donates to Kickstarter it basically says, “There are no guarantees that you’ll get what you’re donating money for; this is not a store.” Personally, I have faith that we’ll eventually get to see something for our money, but even if we didn’t we’d just have cause to mutter and gripe…that’s ALL! So then there are those who blame Peters for the guidelines. Wow! As if CBS wasn’t ultimately responsible for that! That the original problem of Axanar “haters” has spread beyond the narrow confines of fan blogs and Facebook pages into the “real world”, is reprehensible! These people have not only “forgotten” the basic ideals of Trek, but are getting past socially (and possibly even legally) accepted behavior! For shame! My sympathies to Treklanta!

  6. Despite the history of the abhorrent behaviour of so many Axanar detractors, I was shocked to read that their actions could extend to this. Absolutely no thought of the wishes of others, no thought of the concept of free speech, no thought that Trek fan conventions should be in essence a potential platform for all of relevant fandom.

    No, their thinking is totally self-centred and totally selfish. Only their thoughts have validity.

    I imagine the recent Royal wedding attracted reasonably wide interest in the US, and especially THAT sermon. The message was love (in case you didn’t notice). Not icky sentimental love, but the love that is summed up in “do unto others…”, a message widely associated with Christianity but which well and truly predates Christ and extends beyond religious belief systems. In an interview he gave for Australian television last night, the Bishop added that such love means being selfless and claimed that at their very centre, all the ills of the world devolved one way or another around selfishness. It is worth pausing and examining that thought.

    His words could just as easily been prompted by these actions from this body of Axanar detractors, a body that is relatively large and virulent. I am unable to imagine what leads people to behave in this way, but think it’s worth noting that the rabid Axanar detractors (to distinguish them from the smaller—I suspect—group who exhibit reasonable behaviour in their dissent) are far from unique but just another example of the wrongs proliferating in today’s society—although of course, not unique to the present day.

    Getting off my soapbox, what is the answer? I have no idea, but recognising the central essence of the problem rather than looking at it in isolation is a beginning.

  7. The old “Others may have had terrible experiences but he was always so nice to me…” excuse is how Huston Huddleston was able to worm his way into conventions letting him promote his scam for years. Look how THAT recently completely imploded in a huge horrible way a couple weeks ago. Nobody, not even us “Haters” think Alec is capable of ANYTHING close to what Huston was found out for being into, just that, yknow, that logic enabled him.

    1. It seems strange to bring up Huston Huddleston and not bring up any other convention guest that was always nice to people. I hear that George Takei is a really nice person, too. Did you want to compare George to Huston, as well? What about Garret Wang? What about other fan film makers? Vance Major is a great guy, as well. Maybe you should compare Vance to Huston, too, while you’re at it, Gabe….I mean, Gorb.

      Oh, and speaking of Vance…

  8. It’s really sad people have to be filled with so much negativity and hate towards one person. Until this past weekend I’d never met Alec Peters face to face but I was so glad I did. He was warm, personable and overall fun to chat with about Star Trek and Axanar. And probably a bigger surprise to all the detractors out there, he didn’t mention you once. Can’t wait to see the next two parts of the Axanar saga. Good luck to Mr Watts and to Alec!

      1. LOL well he was kinda busy and he even autographed my Blu-ray! But it does speak volumes that he doesn’t tear down those who seek to tear him down

  9. For what it’s worth Mr Watts, if you’re reading this, but thanks for the blog and you have my sympathy. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. What has happened is not what you deserve after, what I don’t doubt, is an awful lot of hard work setting up something that is supposed to be… fun. Although it’s the wrong side of an ocean for me to ever justify going to I hope you rekindle the passion to continue.

    There are respectful ways of expressing disagreement and people are entitled to vote with their feet (which is their right) – but attacks are plain wrong. I’m sure someone out there could name me a ST episodes where a given character suffers from accelerated aging. In this case though, I wonder if it might be beneficial, because it does seem like a good number of people out there need to grow up.

  10. So, to summarize: “Alec Peters has always been nice to ME, so any other information about his alleged crimes against fan films, how he treats other people, and the possible negative repercussions of his involvement in my event are entirely irrelevant.”

    1. What I find most amusing, Scott, is that even you use the words “alleged crimes”…meaning you would like Eric to assume guilt until innocence is proven, correct?

      As for how Alec treats other people, Eric is well aware of how Alec treats other people: very well. Eric has seen Alec interact with people at Treklanta on multiple occasions, and those were always perfectly friendly and positive encounters. In past years, Alec has even been a favorite guest and panelist. So I suppose what you’re saying here is that you’d rather Eric base his decisions on hearsay and reported complaints from disgruntled detractors (who usually do all they can to get negative reactions from Alec) rather than going with Eric’s own in-person experiences watching Alec interact with attendees at the Treklanta con. Is that also a correct interpretation of what you are saying, Scott?

      As for negative repercussions, if people are so petty as to boycott Treklanta just because one person is invited, do you think Eric should continue to rely on those people for his revenue? After all, if they can bully him into dropping one guest, who’s to say they won’t bully him into dropping more guests in the future? It’s like negotiating with terrorists. Once you do it, you set the precedent…and it’s a bad precedent to set.

      But here’s the thing…

      What Eric has done here today is to establish himself as a man of principles and integrity who will not be bullied. So even if he loses a few detractors, what he’s gained is MANY more supporters not only of Axanar and Alec Peters but supporters of people who stand up to bullies. In the end, Eric has gained so much more with this guest blog than he will ever lose…and the logic holes in your own comment pretty much underscore that.

  11. I actually thought this was a well thought out, reasoned response until you used the word “rabid” to describe the anti-Axanar contingent. You made a judgement there. Guess we know who’s side you’re actually on. What you did was try to appease Alec Peters because he supported your organization. Gee, wonder where he got the funds to provide that support.

    You expected backlash, you got it, and now you’re considering leaving the fandom because of it? How bout you put on your big boy pants, say “That was my decision.” Get over the melodramatics, deal with it and get on with life.

    “This saddens me a great deal, as I have worked very hard over the last eight years to make Treklanta a convention that all Star Trek fans would enjoy, and it’s troubling to me to know that certain people will not attend the convention simply because of one particular person who does.”
    Well, that’s what being an organizer is all about.

    1. “Well, that’s what being an organizer is all about.”

      Actually, no it isn’t…or at least it shouldn’t be. I think if anyone needs to put on their big boy pants, it’s the detractors. Look, they lost. CBS and Paramount didn’t win and get a judgement against Alec for tens of millions of dollars. They settled. Axanar isn’t dead. Alec still gets to make it with all the same actors, and the only stipulation is that it can only be a half hour, not 90 minutes. That is, I suppose, a small “win” for the detractors, but pretty much with everything else, they lost. But not being able to graciously accept defeat, they keep trying to fight on in the crudest, rudest, and honestly most pathetic ways imaginable. They embarrass themselves with the depths to which they sink simply to try to grab some kind of small satisfaction from nipping at the heels of the winner.

      So frankly, I’d say it’s the detractors who need to put in their big boy pants and realize it was game, set, and match back in January of 2017. Everyone has left the arena except them. And while the angry shouts from the stadium are keeping a few of the neighbors awake at night, the rest of the world has so moved on that to call the detractors woefully pathetic is to understate their unimportance in…well…just about everything.

    2. If you don’t like the term “rabid” being used, “Almost,” then what would you use to describe a group of people (and a small one at that) who for over two years now have made it their business to scrutinize everything about Alec Peters, from what he says to what he does, where he goes, where he lives, where and what he eats…
      People who are so determined to find ways to find fault, they run with unverified information to make a fast blog post in the hopes of “exposing” something only to find the information was completely false?
      What would you call people like that, “Almost”?

      1. I call them “detractors.” There’s some others names I really rather use instead, but I don’t like to swear on this blog site. 🙂

  12. Eric-
    I appreciate your comments and your candor. Your passion to put on the best Trek fandom convention shows. Regarding Mr. Peters, I get that his past attendance influenced your decision making in this year’s convention, but given the course of events (or lack thereof) and Mr. Peters continued unprofessional behavioral, I feel you should have at least revisited the decision on putting him on one of the panels.

    Regarding adding Mr. Peters to the fan film executives panel, his only credentials to date is Prelude to Axanar, which most of the heavy lifting was done by Christian Gossett, Rob Barnetta, and a team of others that helped guide Mr. Peters. I know Mr. Peters is quick to claim that Prelude was entirely his brainchild and he was the true captain of the ship, but as any filmmaker will tell you, to make a really memorable film, it takes a really good team and someone willing to acknowledge that. He has now even gone so far as to claim that he owns Axanar and no one can create material based on the name without his explicit permission.

    Furthermore, Mr.Peters continues to claim that work continues on the Axanar project. However, promised deadlines go by without results. When politely held accountable, Mr. Peters chooses to respond with vitriol, accusations, name calling, and hate. This has been a consistent and ongoing pattern for well over two years. As a direct result, the number of Axanar supporters have been declining.

    While I understand your position, and agree with it to a certain extent, allowing Mr. Peters to attend Treklanta is well and fine. Where I believe the outrage comes from is the fact that Mr. Peters is being given a sense of “privilege” or even “preferential treatment” by being put on these panels where others might be served better. I recognize that you have a very large convention to organize and run and this year’s programming is pretty much set in stone. However, for the future conventions, it may be worth remembering the old Vulcan axiom, “The needs of the few, outweigh the needs of the one.”

    1. It was at my request that Alec Peters was added to the panel. In all fairness, all fan films with representatives at the convention were invited to be on the panel, including Alec. All those executives contributed greatly to the panel. To hear that folks would unwarrantedly attack Eric Watts and Treklanta simply because we wanted to be fair to everyone is just disheartening. Like it or not, Alec has produced a twenty minute fan film. That’s more than a lot of these detractors have done, and he deserved a seat on the panel.

      1. Absolutely, he deserved a seat on the panel, Randy! And when all was said and done, Alec was a great panel member. He was interesting and insightful, showed a great deal of respect for his fellow panel members and other fan filmmakers in general, shared the spotlight (didn’t hog all the attention), and was generally positive and upbeat. It’s sort of the opposite of the way most of the detractors try to paint Alec.

        Hmmmm…maybe the detractors didn’t want Alec on the panel because they were afraid he’d do a great job, be friendly and warm, and that the public would see that he’s not this fire-breathing ogre but rather just a fan who loves Star Trek and wants to support other fan filmmakers.

  13. Steve Creech:

    Let’s address your nonsense in order:

    “Mr. Peters continued unprofessional behavioral, I feel you should have at least revisited the decision on putting him on one of the panels.”

    Well, not sure what “unprofessional behavior” you refer to. Maybe it is having to deal with detractors online who stalk, harass, bully and lie about me and my girlfriend? No secret I hold all of those people in very low regard and call a spade a spade. You don’t like that? Too bad.

    “Regarding adding Mr. Peters to the fan film executives panel, his only credentials to date is Prelude to Axanar”

    WRONG. Again, you don’t read do you? Besides Prelude to Axanar, the most famous, and many would argue best, Star Trek fan film ever (winner of 46 film festival awards and the production of which would justify putting me on any fan film panel by itself) there is also the Vulcan Scene, three episodes of STNV I was a producer on, and Axanar, which, despite being torpedoed by CBS, was doing impressive work.

    “which most of the heavy lifting was done by Christian Gossett, ”

    Wow, what a total pile of bullshit. First of all, Christian didn’t even do half the work he was expected to as director, pissing off most of the team. Bing and Rob had to pick up his slack and he almost never showed up in the edit bay, which is why I consider Rob Burnett co-director. Much of Prelude’s success is Rob’s work, not Christian’s. Tommy Kraft claimed he got “no direction” about his VFX work, which was true as I had many a call dealing with stuff Christian wouldn’t do. Christian also re-wrote Richard’s lines the week before the shoot and never gave them to Richard, so Richard came to the set knowing the old lines, forcing him to learn the new ones on the fly. Credit to a great actor for making up for an amateur director’s screw-up.

    Finally, Christian left Axanar because he refused to do the work. After taking $ 5,000 in donor money and spending 10 months, he was unable to re-write the script, produce any sketches he had said he would deliver, and claimed the Vulcan Scene was “impossible”. Well, Rob Burnett proved that all you needed was to know what you were doing. Christian also left by posting on Facebook and not telling anyone, the morning after a meeting with 4 department heads when he agreed to a completion timeline which took a lot of work off of his plate. Yeah, professionalism.

    “Rob Barnetta, and a team of others”

    Rob Barnetta never worked on Prelude to Axanar, or any other fan film. He is just a critic with no credibility or class. I assume you mean Rob Burnett. Well, as anyone knows I credit Rob with a lot, including doing much of Christian’s work on Prelude.

    “Mr. Peters is quick to claim that Prelude was entirely his brainchild and he was the true captain of the ship”

    Well, NO ONE has ever heard me say that. Quite the contrary. I ALWAYS say what a great team we have. You are just making shit up here.

    I did create Axanar, write Prelude to Axanar and the full movie script “Axanar”. Come up with the documentary format of Prelude, raised all the money, cast Prelude, produced it (with two good line producers), and basically oversaw post production and release. But, as anyone will tell you, or you can learn if you actually read what we post or listen to our podcast, I always credit the amazing TEAM we have had.

    So your whole line of argument there is bullshit. Just pure hater bullshit that comes from ignorance and malice.

    “He has now even gone so far as to claim that he owns Axanar and no one can create material based on the name without his explicit permission.”

    Since you aren’t a lawyer, you shouldn’t even be commenting on something you have no clue about. I do own Axanar, as any IP attorney will tell you.

    “Furthermore, Mr.Peters continues to claim that work continues on the Axanar project. However, promised deadlines go by without results. ”

    Well, I actually am working on Axanar, which you would know if you read anything we publish. Or ask our Director, DP or editor, or anyone who is working on the production. There have been no deadlines set that I know of. We are working on Axanar part time, and that will take a while. You clearly don’t stay informed.

    “When politely held accountable, Mr. Peters chooses to respond with vitriol, accusations, name calling, and hate.”

    More bullshit. NOT ONE of you haters ever is polite. Donors or fans who ask are told the state of the production. The response from you and the other detractors is lies, bile, hate, insults, libel and stalking. You get treated with disdain because of your abhorrent behavior. And you all act like you are angels and are unable to see your behavior for what it is.

    “Where I believe the outrage comes from is the fact that Mr. Peters is being given a sense of “privilege” or even “preferential treatment” by being put on these panels where others might be served better.”

    I got news for you, people actually like Axanar and want to hear from me. Unlike you “detractors” (Such a nice term for people who spend their lives attacking me and Axanar) who think everything Alec and Axanar is evil, 99+% of Star Trek fans love us and enjoy hearing about Axanar. (Proof is on our YouTube page – 3,465,000 views, 47,000 thumbs up, 708 Thumbs down) That is why Randy Landers, of Starship Potemkin, ASKED for me on his panel. And that is why the Axanar panel was the best attended fan film panel of any production.

    “The needs of the few, outweigh the needs of the one.”

    Yeah and “The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few.” Axanar detractors are a tiny, tiny minority. And one that has zero credibility among Star Trek fans. The overwhelming vast majority of Star Trek fans who have seen Axanar love it.

    Your post is full of lies and bullshit and proves that you are without credibility.

    Alec Peters

    1. So you pretty much said the same thing Luke Skywalker did–you just gave more specifics, Alec. 🙂

      If Steve Creech actually reads your response and acknowledges how incorrect and blatantly false his claims are, I’m gonna be shocked! Anyone wanna place a bet on this one?

      1. Jonathan, people with the mentality exhibited by Creech NEVER read reasoned arguments in any detail or with any attempt at impartiality. If they read such responses as Alec’s, they read selectively, taking phrases at random and even twisting them to imply the reverse of what was actually written.

        You really opened the proverbial “can-o-worms” in publishing this blog, but that is not to dispute your choice in doing so.

        Alec presented a logical and reasoned response to a criticism that had neither of those qualities. I sorta wished Alec had used less emotive language in some places, that does slightly diminish his professionalism; but considering the immense barrage of attacks to which he has been subjected since this unhappy saga of reactions commenced, it’s amazing he was able to exhibit the level of restraint he did manage!

        1. Bryan:

          Thanks for the comment. I am almost always very professional with other professionals, fans, donors and just about everyone I deal with.

          However, when harassed, stalked, bullied, threatened (Life threatened twice to the point my body guard friend had to intervene) and insulted and libeled on a daily basis, well those people don’t get treated with professionalism by me. And anyone who feels that is wrong hasn’t been in my shoes.


          1. Wait, you have a friend who is a body guard, or is your body guard also your friend? I’m sure the detractors are already making “My bodyguard” memes with you in them, Alec. 🙂

          2. ::scribbles down a few notes:: Bodyguard memes. Got it. I’m sure Marcus has already got a Whitney Houston movie poster in the works.

            BTW how do you embed images in this business? Trying to post a cap of a very amicable chat with Bing (I’m happy to post the WHOLE ENTIRE CHAT and have you verify if its Bing’s words or not).

            I said: “You think you’d hop on and do more of that when they get their Georgia shorts filmed or are you onto other pursuits?”

            He said: “I dont have time”

            If you’re interested in the entire conversation, which mostly involved me asking if he knew any available compositors, and have it verified, you’re more than welcome.

          3. That conversation (as you showed it to me via an e-mail attachment) was from five months ago. Five months ago, you were still chugging away on “Orville.” Schedules change, boychik.

            Anyway, the fact is that Bing is NOT on the list of people who worked closely with Alec, saw what he was really like, and won’t work with him ever again. Bing will be working with Alec again as editor on the final two Axanar fan films.

            In fact, your list of people who worked on Axanar or Axanar-related stuff and walked away “forever” includes really just three or four people: Christian (who would not have been invited back anyway), Terry (who was unreliable and AWOL long before he ever left in a huff), RMB (who was actually going to direct the last two films and stuck with Alec for years before going his separate way), and Tony Todd. So your list is waaaaaay shorter than the list of those people sticking around, despite knowing “what Alec is really like.”

            So once again, given a choice between you and the broken clock, the broken clock still comes out on top.

          4. Correction #1: 5 months ago, I was working on “Deadpool 2” at FOX in the building next DOOR to Orville. It came out pretty good.

            Correction #2: You forgot about Kevin Haney, Carter Smith, and Jhennifer Webberly.

          5. #1 – I enjoyed Deadpool 2 very much. I’m sure that was mainly because of you being involved with the movie. Good job. Oh, and tell Ryan Reynolds he did okay, too…but obviously it was your work that stood out the most. 🙂

            #2 – I didn’t forget them at all. You listed people you refused to ever work with Alec again. None of those people ever said anything negative about Alec that I ever saw. Also, Kevin Haney wanted $400K to do the make-up for the Axanar movie–his full professional rate–rather than offering another discount as he did with Prelude. Alec simply decided to go with a a less expensive option.

            You’re not suggesting that any of those people have a problem with Alec, are you? ‘Cause that’d be, at best, unsubstantiated hearsay and, at worst, just more lying. Neither is welcome here.

        2. Not a criticism, just my opinion. I don’t see the emotive language, not being excessive in number or crude (e.g. as Samantha Bee’s), as taking anything away from Alec’s professionalism, but rather nicely punctuates his points and expresses his disgust.

    2. Have you announced a new Director, DP, or Editor? That would be news. Maybe I missed it?

    3. Thanks for mentioning me Alec! I actually have pretty good credibility. Surely more credibility than the guy who blew 1.5 million dollars on tires and sushi, and has threatened numerous people with lawsuits. Thanks. Also Jonathan Lane I love you <3

    4. For a “tiny, tiny” minority Alec, you sure spend a lot of time and stress responding to them.

      Once again, you are invited to The Trekzone Spotlight to share in an open discussion about your project, where it’s at and why these haterz are picking on you so much.

      Do it to show the detractors you can hold a civil conversation. Do it for your supporters to show them their leader and his progress.

      I openly invite you to my Atlanta television affiliate where you will be given fair air time.

      1. If Alec’s gonna give anyone an interview, Matt, it’ll be someone who doesn’t spend most of his time attacking Axanar on social media. You understand that, right? You’re not CNN, dude, you’re a small-time Trekkie vlogger who made up his mind a loooooong time ago and has it firmly shut off to anything positive that Alec Peters might do or say.

        All you’ll do is just throw the same old accusations at Alec, he’ll give the same old responses, you’ll get nowhere, resolve nothing, and it’ll be the most predictable, boring interview ever (or at least in the top ten). Detractors will simply tune in in the hope you’ll give Alec some kind of smackdown. And wether or not you actually do, the detractors will all cheer you for “nailing him to the wall.”

        Also, why should Alec do anything to give YOU more viewers? That’s, like, the stupidest charitable move ever for him. Aren’t you embarrassed even asking for this, Matt? Are you really that desperate for viewers?

        Anyway, I shouldn’t be answering for Alec, but I suspect that, if he were to let anyone interview him, it’d be someone who hasn’t been a royal prick to him for the last couple of years. Just sayin’…

        – – – –

        Oh, and for anyone thinking that Matt has an “Atlanta television affiliate,” what he has is Google. There are services around the country and the world who rent out their studio booths to anyone who wants to do a live or recorded interview. They have “sets” where a person can sit at a desk, wear an ear piece and clip mic, look at a camera, and be interviewed. It costs a few hundred bucks an hour, and anyone can hire them. For my interview, Matt used the Pacific Television Center in Los Angeles (now known as “The Switch”). They are not an “his affiliate” so much as a service he hired out when he needed it. And yeah, they offer feeds from Atlanta, too, using a facility called Inertia Films. Any of you could use them, too, if you wanted to pay for the service.

        Here’s the link, if you’re curious:

        Notice that neither Matt Miller nor Trekzone Spotlight is listed as an “affiliate” or even a client.

        Anyway, when Matt says “my Atlanta television affiliate,” that’s what he really means. He’s hiring a studio for an hour.

        Don’t try to impress people by pretending to be something you’re not, Matt…at least not on my blog. I’ll call you on it every time.

        1. Matt Miller has, as Jonathan correctly stated, attacked me non-stop for two years now. He initially decided to listen to Michael Hinman and Carlos Pedraza, and so clearly needs help choosing role models.

          Matt, I wouldn’t waste my time talking to someone who has demonstrated a lack of both maturity and any journalistic ethics. “Atlanta Affiliate”, oh that is rich! (Which here in America Matt, means an absurd lie)

          Scoreboard Matt. Prelude to Axanar has almost 3.5M views, with 47,000+ Thumbs Up, and only 708 thumbs down.

          Yeah, haters are a tiny, tiny minority of hateful, vengeful bullies, liars and hacks.


          1. *”Horizon” exceeded “Prelude’s” views in a shorter amount of time, even more impressive considering longer videos garner almost universally fewer views than shorter ones.

            But it makes sense considering one is a completed live action narrative feature length film and the other is a 22 minute promo piece to inspire further fundraising.

            …That instead of a film, got followed up with a 3 minute promo piece for further fundraising.

          2. I know that Alec is gonna say that Tommy paid for the additional views, but I actually have a different theory. Star Trek: Horizon got a boost because the video has the name “Star Trek” in the title and comes up more often in searches than Prelude to Axanar, which doesn’t have “Star” or “Trek” anywhere in the title. In that way, I think it’s pretty impressive that Prelude has over 3.5 million views…don’t you agree? Of course you do! 🙂

          3. Without giving one theory or another as to why, Horizon’s views average about 5 minutes a view, while Prelude’s average about 8 1/2 minutes.

            Make of that what you will.

          4. Well, that just tells us how many people are jumping out almost immediately. Since Horizon is 102 minutes long, to have such a low average viewing time means there’s a LOT of folks just watching for a few seconds and going elsewhere. That could support the theory of buying clicks. Axanar obviously has some folks clicking away almost immediately, as well, but way fewer percentage-wise because Prelude is only 21 minutes long.

            Most likely, a greater percentage of people are watching all or most of Prelude than are watching all or most of Horizon. That doesn’t mean one is better or worse. It could simply be that it’s easier to watch a 21-minute fan film than a 102-minute one.

          5. “but I actually have a different theory. Star Trek: Horizon got a boost because the video has the name “Star Trek” in the title and comes up more often in searches than Prelude to Axanar, which doesn’t have “Star” or “Trek” anywhere in the title”


            Bro, that exceptionally dim idea actually made the very slow journey from your brain to your fingertips.

            Go to youtube, punch in “Star Trek Axanar” and tell me what the *very very first result is.*

            Oy vey.

          6. How could someone who claims to be so intelligent be so dense???

            Of course, if you type in “Star Trek Axanar” Prelude to Axanar comes up! Try typing in “Antyllus” and see what comes up!

            Now, let’s put on our thinking cap and do this by pretending to have a brain, shall we?

            STEP 1 – Go to You Tube.

            STEP 2 – Find the “Search” box. It’s usually right in the middle at the top. Do you see it, Gabe? Good.

            STEP 3 – Now I want you type in the words “Star Trek” (just those two words) and hit the search button…which is usually a magnifying glass icon. Do you see it? Good. Click it.

            What you see below are what we call “search results.” They appear in a stacked order, with the one at the top being the closest match and/or the most popular result based on your search criteria.

            Now, let’s pretend that you are a Star Trek fan, you’ve never heard of Axanar or Horizon or any fan film, and you just want to see what YouTube has available for “Star Trek.” I’ve asked some people to do this same search, and it seems that “Star Trek: Horizon” typically comes up as #1 or at worst #2 (under “Star Trek 2009”). “Prelude to Axanar,” which does not have “Star Trek” in the title, comes up third, fourth, or occasionally lower.

            In short, Gabe, this is my theory as to why Horizon has so many more views than Axanar (assuming Tommy Kraft is not purchasing the extra clicks). It’s not that one is a “better” fan film than the other. Both are excellently done. But simply seeing “Star Trek: Horizon” as the #1 or #2 match for a search for “Star Trek” (and keeping in mind that the words “Star Trek” are in the title) while “Prelude to Axanar” (which doesn’t have the words “Star Trek” in the title) is listed lower down leads to the very logical conclusion that Horizon would get more clicks.

            Seriously, Gabe, how could you not be smart enough to understand that? I worked in marketing for 20 years, so I guess I do have a better grasp of these kinds of things. But this is like, Marketing 101, dude! Maybe even Marketing 001! The top match gets clicked on the most. Why wouldn’t it? I mean, I might not be a digital CG artist, but you’d expect me to at least know the difference between a model and a texture map, right?

    5. Alec, you like to use a very silly deflection technique. It’s obvious and insults the intelligence of anyone reading it.

      “The overwhelming vast majority of Star Trek fans who have seen Axanar love it.”

      I can’t argue with that. Maybe it’s true and maybe it’s not. But you seem to be implying that the “haters and detractors” have something against Axanar, and wow, those must be some pretty unreasonable people, because look at it! It’s cool.

      The thing is, I don’t know anyone who has a problem with Axanar.

      It’s you. It’s all you. It’s you and what you’ve done that people have a problem with. No. One. Hates. Axanar. No. One.

      1. Then why not just leave Alec alone to make the last two Axanar episodes? Why try to trap him so that CBS will shut down the project? That’s what I don’t understand.

        1. Deflection and false narrative, again. As I understand it that was never a plan. Check Shawn’s public statements to that effect.

          1. It’s not a false narrative when there’s evidence to support it.

            Just sayin’….

      2. Well, Chris, if that is the case, why are you and your hater buddies trying so hard to destroy Axanar? Why are you all trying so hard to make sure Axanar isn’t made, that we can’t raise money, that you try and “trap” me?

        If you don’t like me, then stop acting like immature second grade bullies and go away. Your behavior is abhorrent. Like everyone who isn’t a hater points out to you people. Do you even read the comments from regular fans who are sick of your shit? People who objectively look at the situation think you people are nuts and need to go away.


          1. Hey, *I* keep it clean, though I have leaned some new vocabulary words throughout this experience.

        1. Your assertion does not make it so, Alec. No one is trying to destroy Axanar. Based on your updates from the past year, no one is trying to make it, either.

          You want people to stop giving you a hard time? Take responsibility for your mistakes. Stop blaming others. Stop trying to rewrite history. Make a thing and show us all up. Stop dismissing your critics as losers and nuts and consider that maybe they have a point. A little more humility and a little less agro posturing would go a long way toward earning back the trust of donors like me.

          1. It seems to me, Chris, that you might be trying to get blood from a stone here (although Alec has publicly admitted that he made a mistake in not choosing to just film Axanar entirely on James Cawley’s sets in upstate New York).

            But since Alec isn’t likely going to do any of the things you’ve just asked, then why not just throw up your hands in despair and frustration, take a deep breath, sigh, and walk away from it all? I mean, you’ve been trying to change him for over two years. I think by now, even the most optimistic Pollyanna would see that this starship has left space dock and ain’t coming back.

            So why not just move on? Be the bigger man, if that’s what you want. Hold you head up high, walk away knowing you’ve tried your best, but Alec Peters simply won’t change and he’ll have to make his own peace with the world at large.

            Why is that option not being pursued by the Alec detractors? Why keep beating the same dead horse month after month, year after year?

        2. Lets not forget, before the Atlanta move, the Detractor mob were all in to commit fraud just to spank one to Alec…VERY mature! and positive way to save us all from the evil Mr Peters pffft

      3. This is rich coming from a man who shuts up and runs away when he’s proven wrong….

          1. It happened back when TRTAA first opened up. He made a remark about how the sets sat “half-finished” for most of 2015, then “suddenly ready for shooting 30 days out” when the lawsuit hit. I presented detailed evidence of the progress made on the sets over the course of 2015 using links to blog posts on the main site. Condon’s response was to quit the group. I’d link the whole thing, but TRTAA is still a closed group now, for some reason.

            Also, if No. One. Hates. Axanar., how come so many on that side of the Axanar fence have gone out of their way to shat on an early version of the Axanar script?

      4. So that’s a reason to harass someone for over two years?
        Even such as, say, creating a dippy Twitter account as “Garth of Izar” rather than just saying what could be said under one’s own account?
        Makes you wonder what kind of person does something juvenile like that…

        1. I suspect it’s someone witty and insightful who has a great sense of humor, an eye for parody, and is extremely modest.

    6. “winner of 46 film festival awards”, ah, not 47 awards now. 🙂

      Its also been covered that many of those awards come from “film festivals” that we call “Award Mills”. They’ll have impressive names like, “Los Angeles International Science Fiction Film Festival” (I just made that up, unless its real) where you pay a higher-than-normal entry fee compared to a legit film festival because Everyone Gets an Award. Alec loves WINNING and TROPHIES and All That Trump Stuff so it makes sense to wanna pad the numbers.

      But man my indie director friends are sick of guys who go to “Award Mills” to pump up their perceived accolade list.

      1. Are you saying that EVERY one of those awards was a participation trophy, Gabe? ‘Cause again, I think your brain is hallucinating and trying to draw us all into your fantasy world with you. Or more likely, you’re really just trying to convince yourself ’cause you’re beginning to get truly desperate for anyone–anyone!–to believe you anymore. You must be in a very scared place, as I’ve received FIFTEEN comments from you in less than 48 hours…some of them pretty long! You must be desperate to convince someone of something.

        But seriously, don’t you have work to do? You keep bragging that you have a job, but unless that job requires massive and frequent posting on social media, I’m beginning to suspect you’ve got nothing to do with your days, Gabe.

        1. 1. Ten of the 24 festivals granting awards to Prelude appear to be what are known in filmmaking circles as “award events,” in which filmmakers submit their work and getting one of many awards — all for at least one fee, sometimes more. That’s 42 percent of the festivals or “award events” from which Prelude received honors.

          2. I know your tech savvy comes primarily from the 90s (if the janky old timey code on this site is any indicator), but we got a thing called “rendering” and “multiple monitors”, and if my 16 core proc is gonna be down for 10 or 15 minutes, I’ll read a few pages of a “Children of Dune” PDF, check out camera gear sites, walk around the studio lot to stretch my legs troll you guys… I’m here 12-14hrs a day, so no I don’t have much of a life right now. 🙂

          3. I’m not aiming to change any hearts and minds or convince anyone of anything anymore on this topic. This amuses me. Its like blowing on a bunch of ants and watching them scurry around.

          1. “This amuses me. Its like blowing on a bunch of ants and watching them scurry around.”

            Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Gabe Koerner’s final post on Fan Film Factor.

  14. Eric,

    I live on the other side of the country, in California, but I appreciate your comments here and the support you’ve garnered for the effort you put into making Trekatlanta the best that it can be.

  15. Although I’ve never met Alec, I’ve been following the story for well over 2years now. Ever since I first came across Axanar on YouTube. As a life long Trek fan, I had NO idea that this kind of fandom even existed. And I’m sure there are many more like me. The work Alec and all those hard working team members did, introduced me to a whole other dimension of Star Trek, I’m still exploring.

    I for one, say Thank You all, who work tirelessly in this field. And especially Alec, and the Axanar Crew!

  16. Why don’t you interview Christian Gossett? Have you tried to reach out to him or all the others who have left the project? It’s my understanding he’s open to talking to you. It’s only fair.

    1. Sure, I’d be happy to interview Christian. Not sure I’d want to interview Terry, though. He’s pretty toxic. RMB and I have chatted many times, and I’m sure I could bring him on, too. As for Tony Todd, I doubt he wants to talk about Axanar anymore at this point.

      1. Never seen him interview an Axanar detractor before. I would see my comments above about Christian. Jonathan tries to keep his blog positive.

        1. Yeah, positive is always best…not always possible, though. But if there’s criticism, I prefer it to be constructive. If I do have Christian on the blog, it’ll be a focus on Prelude that will likely include you (Alec), Rob Burnett, Christian, maybe Tobias, and possibly Gary, J.G., and/or Kate if they’d be interested. It could be a he said/he said/he said/he said/he said/he said/she said kinda blog. Could be fun!

  17. My apologies for not replying back sooner but some of us have responsibilities in the real world. I will admit that I got Rob Burnett’s name wrong. However, I stand by comments concerning unprofessional behavior. Alec, I’m not talking about those on Axamonitor, but those on Kickstarter, your very backers. Comments that have been deleted by Kickstarter for violation of terms. Many of those backers, including myself, have reached the conclusion that we will never see a completed Axanar film. Why? You have said you will need another $250,000 to make the first of two Axanar shorts. However, one of the terms of your settlement with CBS that has been made public is you are no longer allowed to crowdshare film projects. I don’t see a line forming to give you the money after the mismanagement of the approximate $1.4 million raised initionally.

    Let’s talk about missed deadlines. Remember those 30-day script deadlines that you promised and missed and then revised only to miss it again until you simply quit posting? Yeah, probably not.

    Moving back to the whole unprofessional behavior for a moment, has it ever occurred to you that there might be individuals out there who are just now learning about Axanar and are forming an opinion about you based upon your online persona?

    I have a challenge for you. Learn to ignore the negativity completely. Embrace the positive. Make the online Alec match the Alec people meet and like at conventions. It won’t be easy, but I think you can do it.

    1. Wow Steve, you write a post that has absolutely NO facts correct, I correct you, and you don’t even acknowledge it or apologize!

  18. Jonathan: I know you want to try and be impartial, and allow all sides of a situation to be heard, but despite the fact you filter most of the massive input from a certain compulsive-obsessive (I’m trying to be kind) multiple-personality disorder contributor; for the benefit of us all – please block ALL of his tripe. I’m tiring of so much juvenile junk mail!

    1. Gabe is many things, but he is not multiple-personality disorder. Pain-in-the-Asperger’s Syndrome…almost definitely, although I’m not a professional.

      People with Asperger’s Syndrome have normal to above-average intelligence but typically have difficulties with social interactions and often have pervasive, absorbing interests in special topics.

      People may experience:

      Behavioral: aggression, compulsive behavior, fidgeting, impulsivity, repetitive movements, social isolation, or persistent repetition of words or actions

      Muscular: inability to combine muscle movements, poor coordination, or tic

      Mood: anger, anxiety, or apprehension

      Also common: depression, intense interest in a limited number of things, learning disability, nightmares, or sensitivity to sound

      Positive characteristics of people with Asperger syndrome have been described as beneficial in many professions and include:

      – the increased ability to focus on details,
      – the capacity to persevere in specific interests without being swayed by others’ opinions,
      – the ability to work independently,
      – the recognition of patterns that may be missed by others,
      – intensity, and
      – an original way of thinking.

      I don’t think Gabe is purely Asperger’s because he doesn’t show all of the symptoms. So my diagnosis is the much more sarcastic Pain-in-the-Asperger’s Syndrome. 🙂

      1. That was actually funny. We all have the embarrassing relative who lacks impulse control, flies off the handle, and says stuff we wish they wouldn’t in ways we wish they hadn’t. We have Gabe, you have Alec.

        1. While I appreciate you taking ownership of your “embarrassing relative who lacks impulse control,” there are some significant differences between Gabe Koerner and Alec Peters. While both have been known to fly off the handle, Alec is usually only punching back. Gabe is an instigator who likes to throw the first, second, third, and fourth punches…and however many more it takes to get attention. Also, Alec would never dream of crank calling someone 100 times over a five-month period. In fact, I feel confident in stating that Alec Peters would never crank call someone even once because, say whatever else you want about Alec, he’s an adult in an adult’s body. Gabe might have the body of an adult, but I think you’ll agree it pretty much stops at the top of his neck.

          All other things being equal (and they’re not) I think any and all of us (even detractors) would rather be stuck at a dinner party with Alec Peters than Gabe Koerner. Alec would at least be fun to talk to and possibly even debate (for you detractors). Nearly everyone who interacts with Alec casually in person has positive things to say about the experience. Gabe, on the other hand, is just creepy. You never know where he’s been or what he’s touched, but he’s likely to tell you anyway…in excruciating detail including positions, techniques, and durations.

          Anyway, I’ll take my “embarrassing relative who lacks impulse control” over yours any day! 🙂

  19. “If Steve Creech actually reads your response and acknowledges how incorrect and blatantly false his claims are, I’m gonna be shocked! Anyone wanna place a bet on this one?”

    My apologies for not replying until now, but some of us have lives and responsibilities that extend beyond the internet. I’m sure you can understand that Jonathan. Now let me address the issues at hand.

    Yes, I did get Rob Burnett’s name wrong. My apologies. Likewise for the work you did on New Voyages, again my apologies. I was wrong. Sorry, but I don’t acknowledge the Vulcan scene as anything other that, a studio scene that was shot to entice more backers. And you and I will just have to politely agree to disagree on it.

    Regarding your full role in Prelude, to hear it from Christian Gossett, Terry McIntosh, and Kate Stark, the picture painted is vastly different. Jonathan, perhaps you’d be willing to set aside all journalistic bias and invite them to share their side of the story also? After all, somewhere between everyone’s side is the actual truth and I think that is what folks would really like to hear (for once and for all).

    As far as ownership of Axanar, I think CBS might have something to say about that despite what your I.P. attorney may tell you. If your attorney had done a little research, he would have found that CBS owns the copyright because of a certain named alien race. Check out Star Trek: Enterprise (S01:E03) titled “Fight or Flight” if you’re in doubt. Still unsure? Ask John Van Citters for clarification. I’m just trying to be helpful on this matter and not trying to be crass and in attack mode. Just pointing out something that may come around and bite you in the ass later.

    Finally, let’s talk about the big elephant in the room. The way you conduct yourself online. I have read through every comment here about how such a great guy you are in person. How likable, genuine, funny, and personable you are at conventions. Yet, there is a great discourse between that and your online persona. Here online, you are perceived by others to be hateful, nasty, rude, condescending, among many other things. This is not just by the “detractors” as you put it. This is also by those who invested in your Kickstarter (myself included). You come across almost like an animal who has been blocked in a corner and all it knows is to attack, attack, attack.

    There are a lot of people who sit on the sidelines of the whole Axanar debacle waiting to see how it plays out (some are eating popcorn). Most of them have yet to decide one way or another if they want to support any further Axanar endeavors or not, myself included. They see what goes down in Axamonitor. They how the pro-Axanar Facebook groups are now closed with very rigid standards for admission. They see the pettiness that goes back and forth on both sides. I’m certain they are tired of it. But they lurk and like a sponge, they take it all in. Which Alec Peters would you want them to know, the real one at conventions or the online persona that rages against anyone who criticizes Axanar?

    I have a challenge for you. It’s something that you will likely refuse but I’m putting it out there anyway. Make your inside match your outside. In other words, make your online persona match the real Alec Peters. You make a choice every time you choose to respond. Are you going to respond in a negative fashion or a positive fashion?

    For example, using something from my first post and your reply:
    “When politely held accountable, Mr. Peters chooses to respond with vitriol, accusations, name calling, and hate.”

    Your reply was:
    “More bullshit. NOT ONE of you haters ever is polite. Donors or fans who ask are told the state of the production. The response from you and the other detractors is lies, bile, hate, insults, libel and stalking. You get treated with disdain because of your abhorrent behavior. And you all act like you are angels and are unable to see your behavior for what it is.”

    You could easily take the high road and say, “There have been times when I’ve let my anger get to me but I am now choosing to ignore negativity so I can focus on getting Axanar made.” A statement such as that would go leaps and bounds and raise eyebrows to those of us on the fence. By the way, please don’t lump me in with the detractors and if you go back and read my post, you’ll see I have been nothing but polite to you. We can have disagreement and do so with civility.

    So there you have it. The challenge is issued. Old Alec or will you try to make the online Alec match the real Alec?

    1. ” Jonathan, perhaps you’d be willing to set aside all journalistic bias and invite them to share their side of the story also? After all, somewhere between everyone’s side is the actual truth and I think that is what folks would really like to hear (for once and for all).”

      I’ve been contemplating doing a “History of Prelude” article, but I don’t want it to turn into a bunch of under-the-bus throwing. The fact of the matter is that everyone–Alec, Christian, and Rob–ALL did an amazing job creating Prelude. I’ve seen the interviews with the cast conducted on set. They had no complaints about anyone or anything and high praise for Christian’s direction and Alec’s writing and assembling the production.

      Christian did a fantastic job directing (in my opinion) and then stepped aside to let Rob handle post production and editing. Alec tends to cast aspersions on that by complaining that Christian abandoned his post halfway through the job. But as Rob explained it to me, that’s actually normal in TV production. Some directors micro-manage editors while others get out of the way and give their editor a great deal of freedom. Christian did the latter, and Rob sincerely appreciated the flexibility he was allowed.

      In the same way, many people try to accuse Alec of being completely inept, but that too is incorrect. Alec did exactly what an executive producer is supposed to do: he found funding for the project and brought in the resources and actors that made it possible for the director and his team to produce the script and get it filmed. The fact that Alec mainly stepped back during production and let his team do their jobs is, in fact, exactly what he should have done. Alec wrote the script, but he wasn’t a director. That was Christian’s job. And Christian was allowed to do it…and do it really well, I think! Rob was the editor, and the same goes for him.

      Truth to tell, things went pretty much perfectly with Prelude (with the exception of the rush to get it delivered by ComicCon in the last three weeks—where I think there’s blame enough to go around). But aside from that, Prelude was one of the smoothest, most professional fan films that was ever shot. The problems started only AFTER Prelude was released, and those are things I’d rather not cover here on Fan Film Factor because it’s only the same old ugliness and finger-pointing on all sides, with a lot of unfounded accusations that are mostly irrelevant to the production of Prelude itself.

      But in my opinion, Alec, Christian, AND Rob can all take well-deserved credit for the triumph that was Prelude to Axanar.

      – – – – –

      I’ll let Alec chime in on the rest of what you said if he chooses to, but I will say this much: don’t judge until you’ve walked a mile in Alec’s shoes. I’ve experienced the soul-crushing hurtful things the detractors throw at those they don’t approve of. I am “Slow” Lane. I “ride the short bus” (of course I do–it’s easier to park!). I’ve had my wife insulted and even (in Gabe’s more wasted moments) my son. I’ve been called every term for fat, ugly, and even diabetic (which, thankfully, I’m not yet). My writing has been criticized for being too wordy (imagine that!), self-serving, biassed, bullcrap, and anything else you can probably think of. I’ve been meme’d in horrible and vulgar ways, attacked constantly on social media, and mocked at nearly every opportunity.

      In short, I know how Alec feels. You, Steven, do not know. I haven’t seen anyone showing you the kind of scorn, venom, and vitriol that Alec and I get on a daily, almost hourly basis. So I don’t think you’ve earned the right to judge his reactions.

      Now, when all is said and done, I think I handle these things much less confrontationally than Alec. I’ve had a lifetime of practice. I was the fat, nerdy, geeky kid in school growing up. “Slow” Lane? Man, if that’s the best insult using my last name that you guys can come up with, then you really aren’t smarter than a fifth-grader! So I’ve learned and developed many techniques for not letting it get to me: mainly reminding myself how much love surrounds me in my life from both family and friends, as well as truly cherishing my happiness and good fortune in life. Compared to that, the detractor babble is mostly background noise. Also, I mostly just ignore it all. I seldom visit the FB groups with the bullies on them. And the few times that I do, I remember very quickly why I don’t! 🙂

      Alec, however, has chosen a different approach. And considering that, as bad as I have it, he’s got it fifty times worse, I don’t blame him for wanting to hit back. Lord knows my approach of ignoring stuff and being the bigger man hasn’t worked it stopping it. And the few times Alec has tried that technique (yep, he has tried saying nothing and letting the hits just keep on coming), it also didn’t work. So really, there’s no perfect solution. So in Alec’s case, fighting back against the bullies feels better. For me, hugging my son and watching my wife as she sleeps (not at the same time, of course) and thinking about how lucky I’ve been in life feels better.

      I’ve got my way; Alec has his. I’m sorry you don’t like Alec’s approach, but perhaps you could help Alec be more the way you’d like him to be by standing up for him some time with the detractors. Step in when you see him getting attacked or mocked and show him the way it should be done when dealing with these people.

      That’s a challenge I can issue to you, Steven. 🙂

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