ALEC PETERS announces first shooting date for AXANAR sequels!

It’s the announcement fans have been waiting more than three years to hear!

Production on AXANAR (the sequel to PRELUDE TO AXANAR) had originally been scheduled to begin in early 2016. I had even cleared my schedule to drive to Valencia, CA to visit the set on the morning of February 2 and then drive a contest winner from there for a quick trip to nearby Vasquez Rocks in the afternoon. Fans were so excited to see this highly-anticipated full-length Star Trek fan film finally begin shooting.

You know what happened next.

A copyright infringement lawsuit filed by CBS and Paramount forced ALEC PETERS to suspend production, and a year-long legal battle finally ended in a settlement that allowed Axanar to be made with the same actors and professional crew…but only as two 15-minute short films rather than a full 90-minute feature, and with no public crowd-funding allowed (although private donations are permitted).

The subsequent loss of Industry Studios in mid-2017 resulted in a move from California to Lawrenceville, Georgia, and additional delays…during which time the amazing USS Ares bridge set has been nearly completed.

The delays in the start of production have confounded fans and supporters. Shooting had initially been announced (in an audio interview I did with J.G. Hertzler) to begin late last year, but Alec didn’t officially confirm the dates, and 2018 ended with no cameras rolling and the bridge still unfinished (although very close to completion).

In January of 2019, a new Patreon campaign was started to help fund the monthly rent for Ares Studios in Lawrenceville, renamed after the 18-month sponsorship of the studio by OWC Digital ended. Four months later, the Patreon is 55% of the way to its $4,000/month goal and still growing…currently at an impressive 229 backers contributing $2,184 each month.

For most of 2019 so far, Alec had been hinting at an unnamed fan production, in addition to Axanar, that would be filming on the USS Ares bridge set. Then earlier this month, I announced that the mystery project was my fan film, INTERLUDE, and would take place in the Axanar Universe…separate from Alec’s sequels and intended to fit in between them and Prelude (hence my title). But still no official word on when Axanar itself would begin filming.

This past weekend, the word was finally given. Production on the first of four shoots for Axanar will kick off during the first weekend of October, 2019…one week after I complete my two-day shoot at Ares Studios (plus one day at Neutral Zone Studios in nearby Kingsland, GA). The timing is not entirely coincidental, but I’ll talk more about that in an upcoming blog. Harem hentai there is never much sex.

Right now, however, I turn the spotlight over to Alec Peters himself and a video update from Saturday that’s already garnered several thousand views…

13 thoughts on “ALEC PETERS announces first shooting date for AXANAR sequels!”

  1. Most excellent, in essence we can have more Axanar in the form of interlude…this universe can really get fleshed out

    1. Yep. I love this universe. For me, it’s more of the Star Trek “reality” of my personal head canon than Discovery. Others might disagree, but this is my sand castle, and others are welcome to visit it and play with me. 🙂

      1. I’ll bring a few shovels and beach chairs. I agree with you 100 percent in regards to what I feel is more accurate cannon. From my understand many thousands if not hundred thousands agree with this sentiment.

  2. I like positive news like this on a Monday morning. Or any morning.

    One request: I’ve played a bit role in an amateur recording and was interested in the technical aspects. So I’d welcome a “making of” video that goes into what worked, what had to be changed and and so forth.

  3. Hurray for Interlude (I’ll put some dollars in) and a quarter of one for Axanar. 🙂 Here’s hoping now the ball is rolling that it’ll gather speed quickly.
    I had a hunch there might be some mutual support going on when you released details of your shoot. Perhaps there will be some sharing of uniforms? Well, if it get the job done I’m all for it.
    Do you know what the 4 shoots for Axanar will be? Is it a result of actor availability, locations or both?

    1. Both. Gary Graham lives in Los Angeles, so it’s easier to film his scenes close to him. J.G. Hertzler lives in Ithaca, NY, so it’s easier to fly him down to Georgia than across the country. Paul Jenkins lives in Georgia, and so does Alec, so for the J.G. shoot, they just drive to the studio. For Gary, they’ll have to fly to L.A. There’s also another location in Los Angeles (not a studio) where some key outdoor scenes will be filmed. I’m not certain about the fourth location.

  4. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    SMH. CBS/Paramount SHOULD HAVE REALLY put the legal clamps down on this farce while they had the chance.

    1. They tried. They spent a million dollars. After a year, they settled and moved on.

      So if CBS and Paramount don’t have a problem with Alec Peters completing Axanar as two 15-minute fan films, why are you so bothered by it? Lighten up, dude. After all, the rest of us are having so much fun while you sit there seething, shaking your fist, and reveling in your anger and righteous indignation at a non-issue.

      Go outside. Smell the flowers and the bluegrass. Hit a baseball. Ride a horse. Feel the sun on your face. Let the anger go. You really will feel so much better. Otherwise, you’re accomplishing nothing–literally nothing–wasting your time, energy, and emotion all on something that’s long since been settled and no longer matters to CBS and Paramount. If they can let it go, then you should be able to do the same, right? Right?

      I’m just wasting my breath, aren’t I? You know nothing but anger and hatred at this point. You’re trapped in a mammoth cave of darkness and cold. I feel so sorry for you, Papillon.

    2. CBS and Paramount did, Papillon…
      But, they didn’t expect a fight. Nor representation by a major legal firm.
      They also didn’t want to stay in it for the long haul when it became clear they could end up involved in the process for years.
      They tried, they decided it wasn’t worth it. Sorry if you aren’t happy with that, but that’s how it ended up. Everyone settled and Axanar was allowed to live. If that annoys you…

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