The FINAL FATE (?) of the Arkansas TOS sets formerly known as STARBASE STUDIOS!

Well, this isn’t the happy ending I was hoping to write. It almost was, but then things turned disappointing in a very short amount of time.

Okay, let me first give bring everyone up to date on the story so far. The TOS sets that were formerly known as STARBASE STUDIOS have been sitting in a building in Marble Falls, Arkansas since early 2017. The building is part of an abandoned and dilapidated former theme park known as Dogpatch, which is owned by Charles “Bud” Pelsor.

Ownership of the TOS sets—which included a full 360-degree bridge originally constructed in 2004 for a fan film called Starship Exeter “The Tressaurian Intersection,” a partial sickbay, a transporter room, a briefing room, and corridors—was, until recently, divided among GLEN L. WOLFE (50%), SCOTT JOHNSON (25%), and GLENN MILLER (25%). Unfortunately, the three owners weren’t typically (if ever) on the same page, and frictions quickly developed and escalated.

“Bud” Pelsor had apparently offered to house the sets until the end of 2018, after which ownership of the Dogpatch property was to transfer to Heritage USA, and the sets would need to be relocated. But where would they go? Who has space for a full bridge, sickbay, transporter, and briefing room?

Earlier this past week, an answer seemed to have miraculously presented itself—with a solution worthy of King Solomon himself…

I was told at the beginning of the week that RAY TESI, the owner of the TOS sets in Kingsland, GA (formerly used by Star Trek Continues and Starship Farragut) would be taking ownership of the Arkansas bridge set pieces. Ray would use half of them to fill in the missing stations and view screen of his Stage 9 Studios bridge, turning it into a full 360-degree bridge for the first time. The “spare” captain’s chair and helm/nav console would travel around to local conventions for photo ops. The rest of the pieces would be stored.

Meanwhile, Glen Wolfe and Dan Reynolds—who had recently constructed their own partial bridge set at their WARP 66 Studios (also in Arkansas) for their latest Federation Files fan production “Galaxy Hopper”—would take the rest of the non-bridge pieces.

This sounded perfect! Ray already had a transporter room and sickbay and briefing room, who why have two? Glen and Dan, meanwhile, have enough space to store those other set pieces, and now they wouldn’t have to build from scratch. This was the happy ending I was all ready to write this week!

Until it wasn’t…

In a short 48-hour period, I communicated with Glen Wolfe, Scott Johnson, Ray Tesi, Joshua Irwin (who just released Ghost Ship last Halloween), and Kent “Words” Edwards (who used to be part owner of the Arkansas sets and currently runs the new Starbase Studios, LLC). Apparently, things weren’t as perfect as I had thought.

Rather than try to describe what’s going on, I want to let everyone speak for themselves. As such, I have two fairly short (for me, at least!) audio interviews, one with Ray Tesi and the other with “Words” Edwards speaking for himself and Scott Johnson. I also have a written statement from Glen Wolfe. Let’s begin with that one first…

GLEN L. WOLFE of WARP 66 Studios

All I know is that Jan 2, Joshua (I think) accidentally told me that Ray was getting the bridge. I have no confirmation from the other set owners on any move, agreement or otherwise. The building owner has changed the locks. I asked if he knew what was the end game. He said some guy named Ray had called and was claiming the bridge and would pick it up.

Since Dan and I had made good on half of the rent, we could remove what remained. In his opinion, the sets were considered abandoned for lack of payment and communication by the other set owners. As I have had the same issue with them, there has been no official division, sale, or any other arrangement. The building owner will clear out anything remaining by the end of January. That’s all I know right know. If not for Josh, I would not have even known that much.

The fact that they [the other owners] arranged a truck to back up and take the bridge without so much as a peep suggests that they did not want to work out anything. To be honest it sounds sneaky and dishonest. But it is totally in character for them. I was able to put the transporter room and corridors into a storage unit until I find out what the end game will be, so those sets can be salvaged, just FYI.

The following day, (this past Friday) Ray Tesi was going to speak to me off the record via phone. I’d reached out to him for a statement, but he wasn’t ready to share anything officially yet. Instead, I was going to find out what was okay for me to share about the situation and what Ray would prefer kept confidential. (I do that sort of thing often. Fan Film Factor isn’t a “tell-all” tabloid, and I respect the folks in the fan film community. If they request discretion on my part, I do my best to oblige.)

However, when the call started, Ray suddenly asked me to go on the record. Not expecting that, I quickly whipped out the iPhone and recorded the following conversation via speaker (so my apologies for the audio quality, or lack thereof)…

RAY TESI of Stage 9 Studios

Later on Friday evening, I had another call, this time with Kent “Words” Edwards. I told Words that I’d already spoken with Ray earlier, but Words still wanted to go on the record to explain and confirm certain things about what has and hasn’t happened regarding the sets…

KENT EDWARDS of Starbase Studios

As a final coda to all of these communications, Scott Johnson messaged me via Facebook the following morning (Saturday) to say, “Bud will not release any sets to anyone til the ‘back rent’ is paid. Says he will list it on eBay.” I asked if he heard this from Bud Pelsor directly, and Scott said yes…earlier that morning.

Now, Glen Wolfe had previously confirmed that he and Dan had paid their half of the back rent and been allowed to remove everything except the bridge. So it’s very possible that, some day very soon, we might see a Star Trek TOS bridge listed on eBay. And if you believe that, then someone’s got a bridge to sell ya.

Anyhow, one way or another, this seems to be the end of the line for the TOS sets formerly known as Starbase Studios. They had a wonderful run with some FANtastic memories, but as they say on Star Trek: TNG, all good things…

22 thoughts on “The FINAL FATE (?) of the Arkansas TOS sets formerly known as STARBASE STUDIOS!”

  1. I actually had that bridge in Iowa for a few months. Sadly, it may turn out that that is a good thing I never ended up with it at Starfleet Studios. What a mess! Maybe a green screen set isn’t so bad after all. Too bad it has come to this. But with so many sets out there maybe it’s time to say goodbye to this set.

        1. Thanks. Wish I had the building for it. Hated to see it leave Oklahoma. As a filmmaker I thought maybe I would shoot a fan film.

    1. What people fail to factor into having and maintaing a full-size set piece is that it has to be housed somewhere. That means, if nothing else, a space large enough to keep everything dry. That means 4 walls, a floor and a roof at least 10 foot tall walls (with no center supports). If you are lucky, add electric, heat and air, a restroom and any other miniscule aminities. A if you’re luck continues, someone who will foot the bill (and/or monthly fees) to maintain this structure. This is the sad fact as to why these sets died.

  2. It’s a shame these folks can’t come to a mutual agreement regarding this valuable and beloved Bridge set! Hopefully it won’t become trash in a dumpster or put back in storage where the true fans won’t be able to enjoy it! Here’s hoping a satisfactory solution can be found before it is tragically lost to oblivion! It’s sounds as if there are far too many parties involved in the ownership and control of this set! It is a very unfortunate situation indeed! If it were just a single entity involved in determining it’s fate, then perhaps the fans could be organized to raise enough funds and resources to obtain and properly maintain, House and display this unit! At this point, given what appears to be a royal quagmire, that seems unlikely! Too bad! A real loss for everyone who loves Star Trek TOS! Thank you for bringing this to light for the fans, and keep up the good work!

    1. The storage and upkeep of this magnificent bridge set is way too much for fans to crowd-fund. Even Stage 9 Studios in Georgia (soon to be known as The Neutral Zone), which has all of the TOS sets—not just the bridge—and is costing about $3500 a month in rent, is only taking in $167 a month in donations. Speaking of which, feel free to donate, folks:

  3. To bad there aren’t more of us out here that love you guys have funds or more funds to spare then most, so sad after not long ago getting funds to transport to another location and now… Breaks the heart but all things evolve one way or another, like it or not, sad news Stage 9 Studios in Georgia $3500 a month in rent, is only taking in $167, I hadn’t realized and wish I could so badly give beyond what I do to help keep things running along with the fan films, we do what we can and hope others also join in but it never seems enough in most cases, few have the funds to help in these times

  4. First the theft of the sets from the Farragut Films production in 2011(during the defunct Starship Ajax production). Then the flooding of the sets some years later. And then finally, the moving to a studio where the toxic fan politics all came to a head.

    I can’t say that I am sorry that Starbase Studios has folded. They brought it on themselves and helped contribute to the downfall of the Star Trek fan films(like Alec Peters did with Axanar in 2016).

    This is what happens when immoral, unethical, and illegal acts poison and pollute something that was fun at one point and now fun no more.

    Like one poster had stated back in 2009. Star Trek has run its course. It is now a relic like other late Sixties television.

    The fans saved Star Trek. Half a century later, they killed Star Trek.

    Poetic justice, is it not?

    1. I’m sorry, but when exactly did Trek fan films have their downfall? And what the frak have I been spending my time writing about for the past three years???


      1. They had their downfall when CBS/Paramount legally took action to protect their property when Alec Peters broke the law concerning AXANAR.

        As to what you have been writing for three years? Demented support for someone who became THE MOST hated man in Star Trek fandom(someone who has earned his place among other vile people that Garth Of Izar once ranted about, i.e. Alexander, Ceasar, Napoleon, Hitler, and so on) when he committed copyright infringement and tried to make a profit off of a property that he had NO CLAIM or OWNERSHIP to.

        If that isn’t screwed up, I don’t know what is.

        Star Trek fandom(as well as Star Wars fandom)has certainly become toxic over the years. All the more reason why I don’t follow it or become involved with it any longer. I’m only posting this because someone who knew that I used to be a classic Trekkie(even the name sounds both sour and rotten) – passed along this information.

        Even though this year is the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek – The Motion Picture and the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek V – The Final Frontier, the Star Trek franchise and its fan base has run its course. Look what happened with the fourth Star Trek prequel reboot being shelved by Paramount. Maybe Chris Hemsworth and Christopher Pine did not want to get mixed up in that toxic maelstrom that has poisoned Star Trek’s name and its fan following.

        If that is the case, who could blame them?

        All that aside, Star Trek’s reputation on both the franchise and fan following front has been both tarnished and ruined because fans got too fanatical in their devotion to the space opera. Both have gone down like a sinking ship. Much like the Titanic did after she collided with that iceberg. Or the Hindenburg when she went up in smoke.

        If you want to continue to stay on that sinking ship and support someone who broke the law a dozen times over, that’s your choice. Personally, I don’t think it is worth it. Let alone having your reputation being ruined and equated with someone morally and ethically negative. There are other – if not better – forms of science fiction out there worth enjoying and following. Sci-Fi without all of the petty infighting, hurling of vitriol, and toxic feuding.

        Bill Shatner once said that Star Trek fans should just get a life. Star Trek is just a TV show.

        The late Leonard Nimoy once said that Star Trek has run its course.

        Gary Lockwood just summed it up best. Star Trek is just a f—–g TV show.

        Get the picture?

        I doubt you will, but once again that is your choice. Not mine.

        1. Y’know, Pap, I almost just deleted this post because it was so packed full of lies. But instead, I’d like to use it to demonstrate how detractors like you rely on such lies to prove whatever point you’re trying to make. Let’s begin the lesson, shall we…?

          “Alec Peters broke the law concerning AXANAR.”

          Nope. CBS and Paramount alleged that Alec illegally infringed on their intellectual property, but it was never proven. Moreover, because they settled, CBS and Paramount are both acknowledging that no law was broken and no crime ever committed.

          “someone who has earned his place among other vile people that Garth Of Izar once ranted about, i.e. Alexander, Ceasar, Napoleon, Hitler, and so on”

          Hitler killed 6 million of my people. Alec Peters made a fan film and bought me lunch. Please don’t ever equate the two again on my blog.

          “Star Trek fandom(as well as Star Wars fandom)has certainly become toxic over the years. All the more reason why I don’t follow it or become involved with it any longer.”

          And yet, here you are comparing Alec Peters to Hitler. You, my friend, are the toxin you seem to be complaining about so much. (Perhaps not a lie so much as self-delusion.)

          “the Star Trek franchise and its fan base has run its course.”

          Let’s see, there’s Star Trek: Discovery, Short Treks, the new Picard series, the new Lower Decks animated Trek, and the new Section 31 series. That’s two Trek series in active production and another three in fast-track development. Star Trek has never had that kind of attention from any studio in over 50 years! Moreover, CBS is spending literally hundreds of millions of dollars on Star Trek right now. If Star Trek has run its course, someone really needs to tell CBS!

          “If you want to continue to stay on that sinking ship and support someone who broke the law a dozen times over…”

          He didn’t even break it once. How did he break it “a dozen times over”? Does Alec have some traffic tickets that you’re counting?

          “Let alone having your reputation being ruined and equated with someone morally and ethically negative.”

          My reputation has been “ruined”? First, I didn’t even know that I had a reputation! Second, this blog continues to generate hundreds to thousands of site visits EACH DAY. After three years of writing ridiculously over-wordy blogs, I think my reputation is doing just fine, thank you very much. 🙂

          Feel free to accelerate your departure from “toxic fandom,” Pap. The sooner you’re gone, the happier the rest of us will be, I’d wager.

  5. Pap is an example of everything i will choose not to be in this fandom, no matter how bleak things can get from time to time. And i should kno more than some

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